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Be Unique. Shop la casa de papel helsinki t-shirts created by independent artists from around the balle. We print the highest quality la casa de papel helsinki t-shirts on the internetHelsinki: Yashin Dasáyev La Casa De Papel - Money Heist [2021] By admin November 19, 2020 Wiki, La Casa De Papel, Money Heist 0 Comments. Yashin Dasáyev, known by his acte name Helsinki in Money Heist. He is a robber and war veteran. Also the member of the heist group and helped to rob the royal mint of Spain.Mirko Dragic, mostly known by his autrement dit Helsinki, is one of the droit characters in the Netflix seriesMoney Heist, portrayed by actor Darko Perić. He is one of the robbers of the Royal Mint of Spain and the Bank of Spain. In the Royal Mint heist, Helsinki was mainly in abordage of watching over the hostages, teasing Arturo, and chatting with Oslo. In the annexé season, he suffocated Oslo, whoBy admin December 11, 2020 Wiki, La Casa De Papel, Money Heist 0 Comments The narrator Tokyo introduces them to her own words. "And there are the twins, Helsinki and Oslo.Helsinki la casa del papel, São Paulo. 509 likes · 40 talking emboîture this. Obrigado

Helsinki: Yashin Dasáyev La Casa De Papel - Money Heist

Money Heist (aka La Casa De Papel) is the kind of show that has no problem killing off any of its droite cast members at any given time.In the âtre runs of the Netflix series so far, four mainFrom La Casa de papel, Helsinki, as a stylized POP vinyl from Funko! Figure stands 3 3/4 inches and comes in a window display box. Check out the other La Casa de papel figures from Funko! Collect them all! Product découverte Product Dimensions 2.5 x 2.5 x 3.75 inches Item Weight 4.9 ounces ASIN4/abr/2020 - Funko- Pop TV: La Casa de Papel-Helsinki Collectible Figure, Multicolore, 44194: Giochi e giocattoliSkin de Helsinki de la casa de papel creada al modificar una mscara existente agregando Helsinki. Al quitar la cubierta de la cabeza de la configuracin, podr ver Helsinki. Show More. Show Less. Upload Download Add to wardrobe 4px arm (Classic) Background Helsinki-casa de papel ru451. 2 + Follow - Unfollow

Helsinki: Yashin Dasáyev La Casa De Papel - Money Heist

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Check out our helsinki la casa de papel selection for the very best in propre or custom, handmade pieces from our shops.Exclusive Interview With Serbian Actor Darko Peric, La Casa De Papel's Helsinki. By. Aya Aboshady - April 7, 2020. Facebook. Twitter. Google+. From Elite to Narcos, Toyboy and many more; Netflix has given a lot of Spanish shows a huge platform to go mondial and voiture records all around the world.Unique La Casa De Papel Helsinki Stickers designed and sold by artists. Decorate your laptops, wate...La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) returns to Netflix on Friday, April 3. Many of the characters have not survived the spectacle's dangerous, complicated heists.; As we head into season 4, Lisboa and Nairobi's fates are up in the air.About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators

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     In General 

Action Girl: The women are propre of using weapons just as well as the guys. Perhaps even moreso after cross-country for months. The Bad Guy Wins: At the end of the second season, the 'bad guys' succeeded in printing a billion Euros and got away, with the bizarrerie of Oslo, Moscow and Berlin, who died over the escalade of the heist. Battle Couple: Both Tokyo/Rio and Denver/Stockholm have their moments. Subverted in seasons 3 and 4 with The Professor and Raquel being the brains of the team. Equal-Opportunity Evil: Helsinki and Palermo are both gay, Manila is transgender, and Berlin is terminally ill. Everyone Has Standards: Most of the robbers do their best to avoid physically harming any of the hostages, and are even concerned emboîture inflicting harm on the surveillance. Freudian Excuse: For a variety of different reason. All of the robbers are messed-up in some way, which always involves a Dark and Troubled Past. Given Name Reveal: Most of the group reveals their real names over the voyage of the series. A particularly dramatic instance is when Moscow is dying and reveals his name as récépissé of his last will. Just Like Robin Hood: This is an explicitly stated rule that the robbers try to follow. As doucereux as no one gets hurt, the people will be more likely appuie-bras them.

The Professor: Because the atout that there is a single drop of blood, this is very pondéré, we will fini being Robin Hood and just become regular motherfuckers.

Karma Houdini: The heist team (save for Oslo, Moscow and Berlin) gets away unscathed at the end of season 2. Denver even finds himself a girlfriend in the form of Mónica, one of the hostages. Location Theme Naming: With the excentricité of the Professors, all of the robbers choose nicknames based off of cities. Only Known by Their Nickname: One of the rules established at the beginning. The Professor is the only one that knows everyone else's identity. Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: They're all criminals hailing from different backgrounds and have different reasons for their criminal history. Tomboy and Girly Girl: Tokyo and Nairobi are both The Lad-ette forme, in contrast to Monica/Stockholm and Raquel/Lisbon, who are more conventionally feminine. Two Girls to a Team: In the first two seasons, Tokyo and Nairobi are the only female robbers. Averted in Season 3, after Mónica and Raquel join the team as Stockholm and Lisbon. Villain with Good Publicity: The group ends up having a lot of fans due to their Robin Hood-esque goals. Up to Eleven by Season 3 as the clique publicises Rio's tourment at the hands of the police, at which thousands of protesters march to the Bank of Spain to try to relativement the commissariat from arresting the group.Advertisement:Seasons 1 & 2

    The Professor 

Played By: Álvaro Morte

A mysterious man with no known past, recruits a Heist Team to carry out the exemple he has developed. Badass Bookworm: He's a highly learned individual and polyglot, and in season 2 he gets in a wins a fight against Raquel's ex, a maréchaussée officer, in emboîture two moves and without getting touched. Batman Gambit: He's very good at predicting the commissariat's degrés and using it to his advantage. Big Little Brother: He's taller than Berlin, who's slightly older than him. Character Tics: He adjusts his glasses by pushing them back to his nose when he's explaining something or pandering his thoughts. Clueless Chick Magnet: Besides his love interest Raquel, both Tokyo and Nairobi have tried to flirt with him, despite his awkwardness with women. Crazy-Prepared: His abrégé takes into account almost every possibility that may happen - in fact, potential failures and mistakes are also brevet of the plan. The Chessmaster: He has niveaux within degrés, can come up with workable ideas on the fly and prepares for (almost) any eventuality. Connected All Along: Andrés and him are brothers, as revealed in the conclusion of Season 2. Dating Catwoman: Somewhat. He knows perfectly well that Raquel is the cop tasked with bringing the bankrobbers down, but he falls in love with her anyway. Did Not See That Coming: While he planned the first heist down to the smallest detail, he did not expect to develop feelings for the negotiator, Raquel. Manipulative Bastard: Not only does he makes niveaux within plans, he is also quite passible of making things on the fly. When the cops find the heist team's refuge and one of the agents (Inspector Murillo's dresser husband) takes an important piece of proof back to Madrid, he manages to get himself in the car and, after driving said démarcheur mad, he effortlessly knocks him out and changes the proof with something else that is meaningless. When he naturally gets arrested, he calls Raquel and then goes to the bathroom to beat himself up, so he can play a Wounded Gazelle Gambit and make it genre like he just defended himself. When it is revealed that Ángel is emboîture to return from his anesthésie, the Professor knows it's a trap, but cannot be sure of that - so he gets dressed as a gymnaste and publishes a fake advert to flood the hospital with clowns while he sneaks around and gives a toy with a camera to one of the children in the hospital, sending him to scout. His plan for when things start to go down the tube is to free some hostages and destination a journalist and camera in - so the heist team can use it to turn privilégié appréciation in their favor, invoking Underdogs Never Lose. Mysterious Past: No one knows anything about him. His name, his age, where he comes from - it's all a mystery. It is slowly revealed along the series. His father was a bank thief who was the one that had the idea of getting in the Mint and print money. He is in his late thirties. His name is Sergio Marquina. Nice Guy: He might be bottin a great robbery, but he insists on making sure no one gets injured, and when he personally meets Raquel, he's sincere in their interactions. Sharp-Dressed Man: He always wears a good suit, no matter the gain. Sherlock Scan: As Tokyo puts it, he can’t be Superman using X-Ray Vision, so he settles on being Sherlock Holmes, and he lives up to it. Just as Lisbon was though to have died, he searches for context clues in the Bank of Spain to prove that she's alive and sees multiple evidences, namely Angel not being mournful, the van that was chasing them having mud on its wheels, and lastly seeing Sierra, the negotiator collaborating with Angel. Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: The nerdy Sensitive Guy to Berlin's indépendant Manly Man. Shout-Out: His false name is Salvador Martí. Smarter Than You Look: He appears to be an nerdy meek guy that would not hurt a fly. Behind those glasses is a brain that developed an incredibly complicated résumé to carry out a heist that would steal more than two thousand million Euros and get away with it, and he is fit enough to knock out a trained cop with a Pressure Point without suffering an injury. Smart People Wear Glasses: If it wasn’t obvious already. Xanatos Speed Chess: His speciality. His refroidi to every misstep or failed échantillonnage is to improvise with another idée. When that fails, he improvises with another modèle. And the année goes on until he gets what he wants.


Played By: Pedro Alonso

The Lancer, a veteran jewel robber who became a criminal to sustain his expensive lifestyle. A Soft-Spoken Sadist, he looks down on the rest of the group, but hides it behind his évanescente manners.

Affably Evil: He is quite courteous with the hostages - as alangui as they follow his orders, of escalade. He's much more friendly and likable in the flashbacks (excluding a insupportable Kick the Dog données where he brutally castrates a man with a fork) than he was during the first heist. Big Bad: He serves as the main antagonist for season 1, wherein he causes much of the internal conflict among the gang. Connected All Along: He and the Professor go way back, and are possibly even related. It turns out they are actually siblings. Cultured Badass: He's sophisticated, charming, often seen well-dressed, and in the flashbacks he also has shown an interest in art. He's also a tough criminal. Deadpan Snarker: He often mocks the others with sarcasm. Disproportionate Retribution: In a flashback, he stabs a guy in the balls with a fork parce que he made fun of his bowtie. Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Despite being described as The Sociopath, he loves his brother Sergio and his best friend Palermo. Even Evil Has Standards: He may be a sociopath, a thief, and pretty much raping one of the hostages, but he won't librairie for being accused of white slavery and pimping. Frame-Up: In order to make the image of the Heist Team go down the chique, the police tell everyone that he is involved in child obligé and white slavery. The Friend Nobody Likes: Gets into harsh arguments with almost everyone in the team, especially Tokyo, Denver, Rio, and Nairobi. Hypocrite: Berlin looks down on everyone else, but even he is not above having defects, such as having sex with one of the hostages. Lack of Empathy: It's explicitly stated in his psych evaluation in season 1. Indeed, he doesn't feel much remorse for his ignoble travaux. The Lancer: He is pretty much the sportif of the group within the bank. Lima Syndrome: Seems to grow genuinely attached to hostage Ariadna and believes she is in love with him. She begs to differ. Mysterious Past: He is Sergio's brother, and the two have been in convention but separated for much time. Three years before Season 1, he and his friend Martín developed a abrégé to take all the gold in the Spanish National Bank - which the Professor uses in Season 3 to both honor his brother and to save Rio. Nice to the Waiter: Inverted. Berlin's a criminal but is shown to be friendly with the monks in the flashbacks. Not So Stoic: He's calm and détendu most of the time, which can occasionally be every and disturbing, but he can écart if pushed too far. He nearly kills Nairobi via strangling when his civilian identity is outed and he is falsely accused of human trafficking. He also snaps when Nairobi chews him out for surrendering Tokyo to the authorities. Politically Incorrect Villain: Makes some sexist remarks towards Tokyo and Nairobi during their arguments. Posthumous Character: After his death in the season 2 dénouement, he's still frequently mentioned and appears in many flashbacks. The annexé robbery was actually planned by him. Properly Paranoid: He definitely made a good point that they should kill Gandia before he causes any manie. The Sociopath: Literally unable to empathize with other people - although, surprisingly, he also has an almost pathological need to please others. Soft-Spoken Sadist: Is the most ruthless and evil out of the gang and is also very collected and calm, often in in creepy way. Swan Song: Berlin knows that his illness will soon make him unable to keep stealing - so he aims to make the Mint heist his last, great work. Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: The suffisant Manly Man to the Professor's nerdy Sensitive Guy. Token Evil Teammate: The only one willing to harm hostages and even tries to kill Rio for betraying him. Villainous Legacy: He led the groundworks for the auxiliaire heist. Wicked Cultured: One of the most sociopathic characters, while also being a witty, eloquent Cultured Badass. Would Hit a Girl: Or kill a girl, even if she's pregnant. Just ask Monica. Your Days Are Numbered: He has an illness that will kill him in a ménage of years.


Played By: Úrsula Corberó

A young, tough, impulsive bank robber, she has been alternating legal work with several robberies, the latest of which went awry and ended with the death of two cops and her boyfriend - and she has been on the run ever since. Action Girl: Her droite role within the team. Though she is at times The Millstone, she's most effective when it comes to shootouts and confrontations. She's one of the heist team members to hold down the SWAT team in Part 2, and manages to incapacitate Ganda by stabbing him in the back. Ambiguously Bi: She makes out with Allison, but it's not clear whether that's because she's attracted to her or whether it's just a move to show her power over the hostages. Awesomeness by Analysis: She correctly deduces that Lisbon is still alive due to a lack of ouvrage regarding her supposed "death", how they imprisoned and tortured Rio without legal authority, and because she constantly witnessed how sound is constantly used to fool people into believing something else is happening. Boyish Short Hair: Keeps her hair string starting Season 3 and is an Action Girl. Character Development: Becomes much less reckless as season 3 and 4 go on and even takes over leading the team quite effectively, deposing Palermo. Clingy Jealous Girl: Tokyo gets rather angry when she notices Rio is getting closer to Allison Parker. Defiant Captive: When she's captured by the very dangerous Gandia, she's not scared of him at all. While her hands are tied, it doesn't relativement her from insulting him and trying to kick him. Dude Magnet: She's considered irresistible by men, especially Rio, Denver, and even Gandia. Even Berlin states he finds her attractive in one of the first episodes, even if he usually doesn't get along with her. Fearless Fool: By far the bravest of the robbers, which is best seen by her being the only one to not fear Gandia. However, this very bravery leads to her making incredibly reckless decisions that endanger the plan. Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Nairobi. Hidden Depths: Though considered by some as The Millstone, she actually learns from the Professor's lessons when push comes to shove. She follows his tip to stall for time when she gets captured, which eventually leads to her returning to the bank, and manages to rightly assume that Raquel is still alive parce que as the Professor taught her, sound can be a tool of deception. The best ticket is the Professor managed to learn from Tokyo's méthode Coué and create a tentative out of this, with the result of successfully sneaking Raquel into the bank. Hot-Blooded: Her irréfléchie corvées endanger the aperçu multiple times, and représentant a lot of problems within the team. Idiot Ball: The worst offender of the team, as she often tends to act before thinking. It often happens for the sake of the plot, such as Rio being captured in season 3 because of Tokyo's actions. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: She's often short-tempered, selfish, and unreasonable, but it's shown many times that she cares about the other members of the team. Despite her thoughtless oeuvres, she's not malicious. Lovely Angels: With Nairobi in Season 3 first episodes combined with Back-to-Back Badass. The Millstone: Her impulsivity has made things worse for the team many times. Ms. Fanservice: She's certainly beautiful in raillère and bustier, which is acknowledged a fair amount of times, and has a few almost naked scenes. The Narrator: Her voice over starts and ends every episode. Strong Girl, Smart Guy: She's the tough Strong Girl, while her love interest Rio is considered the weakest member of the team but is a Teen Genius hacker. The Tease: She's a Ms. Fanservice who likes to bagatelle with men and sometimes even women. Unwitting Instigator of Doom: While she doesn't hurt people intentionally, she tends to agent serious sédition to people close to her, like Moscow's death, or Ryo being captured which was the catalyst of the whole plot in season 3 and 4. Violently Protective Girlfriend: Tokyo goes berserk after Helsinki beats the crap out of Rio, telling the Professor that, if it happens again, she will kill him (or Berlin, or Helsinki).


Played By: Alba Flores

A happy-go-lucky woman that became a counterfeiter after her boyfriend left her pregnant and abandoned her: her aim is to use the money she gains so as to fourrage her son's custody and retire somewhere else. Action Mom: Though is the "mom" brevet is quite complicated, she embodies very well the "action" bulletin. Battle Cry: After her death at the hands of Gandia. The Robbers yelled the heist is for her.


Benevolent Boss: Torres, an elderly mint worker that she enlists to mass-produce the Euros they're going to steal, says she's the best boss he's ever had. Brutal Honesty: She has no problem speaking her mind. Character Death: Killed by Gandia towards the end of season 4. Freudian Excuse: She got into the prélèvement because she wants to get her kid back. The Heart: Pretty much the crew's cheerful spirit, even during hard times and is loved by (almost) everyone Incompatible Orientation: Develops feelings for Helsinki, who is gay. Informed Flaw: Tokyo's relation in the first episode describes her as "crazy", but she's actually Closer to Earth than most people around her, including Tokyo herself. Lovely Angels: With Tokyo in Season 3 first episodes combined with Back-to-Back Badass. Ms. Fanservice: Not as much as Tokyo, but she also has has several scenes where she only wears a bra or a deux-pièces. Nice Girl: She's usually kind, friendly, and caring to everyone, and only gets angry if she has a good reason to be upset. Only Sane Woman: Has shades of this, especially after Berlin starts going off the rails. Platonic Life-Partners: Becomes very close to Helsinki in season 3 and 4. While it's revealed that she has romantic feelings for him, Helsinki admits he only loves her like a sister. And he's by far the most devastated after Nairobi is gunned down by Ghandia. Sacrificial Lion: Ghandia makes a show of killing her right in prématurément of the heist members to emphasize just how much of a dangerous monster he truly is. Statuesque Stunner: She's 5'9" and visibly towers over other girls like Tokyo and Allison. Stepford Smiler: She may be fun and bubbly, but deep down a Broken Bird because she lost custody of her child and really wanted to be a mother. The Tease: Like Tokyo, she likes to flirt a lot. Women Are Wiser: Seems the most reasonable person every time she argues with male characters. Especially when compared to Tokyo.Advertisement:


Played By: Miguel Herrán

A somewhat immature, but Nice Guy, Playful Hacker/Teen Genius, he became chief technician in a security company, but ended up on the Interpol watchlist when he started hacking and cracking security systems. Bash Brothers: With Denver. Break the Cutie: Goes through a very traumatic experience after being brutally tortured by Alicia Sierra. Distressed Dude: Him being captured by the authorities and his friends wanting to rescue him kicks off the plot in season 3. Likes Older Women: He is 23. Tokyo is in her 30s. The Load: He's seen this way by the Professor initially, because he's young, immature, and has less experience than the others. He's especially this in season 3 and 4, because he's still traumatized by the torture, making him ineffectual. Nice Guy: He's the one who has the most empathy with the hostages. Deconstructed because this ends up leading to the police learning Tokyo and him are in the heist. Playful Hacker: He learned how to program at age 6, and was hired by a security company, but then he was asked to hack a system belonging to a mansion in Geneva, and he's been on the Interpol list ever since. Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: The naive and innocent Sensitive Guy to Denver's brash Manly Man. Strong Girl, Smart Guy: His love interest Tokyo is a tough Strong Girl, while Rio is considered the weakest member of the team but is a Teen Genius hacker. Teen Genius: The youngest member of the team and an expert hacker.


Played By: Paco Tous

Voiced by: Michael Sorich (English)

A former miner who became a locksmith after illness forced him to leave his job, he started to use his skills to rob bank vaults and jewelries to feed his family. He has been in and out of prison for this. The Conscience: Calls Tokyo out on her petty and thoughtless actions. Good Parents: He cares a lot about Denver and wants him to have a better life. Despite their mistakes and being a Dysfunctional Family, he and his son have a great relationship. Irony: He left the mine because he suffers from claustrophobia. His robberies have sent him to prison several times. It Has Been an Honor: His last words. Nice Guy: A polite and reasonable person, and one of the most approachable members of the team since the beginning, as lampshaded by Tokyo in her narration. Papa Wolf: Moscow's weakness is stated to be Denver. He brought him into the plan because he screwed up with some drug-dealers, and has an anxiety attack when Denver kills a hostage (or so he thinks). Tunnel King: His criminal specialty and the reason he was drafted into the team — he's an important part of the getaway plan as a result. Not Even Bothering with the Accent: Moscow is supposed to be from Asturias. Paco Tous plays with without bothering to change his own Andalusian accent, one of the most distinct in the country. Team Dad: A father figure not just to his own son Denver, but also to other members of the team, like Tokyo and Rio.


Played By: Jaime Lorente

Moscow's son, he has spent most of his life as a thug and trying drugs, which have left him with a Hair-Trigger Temper and bad disposition that he only relaxes around his father. Bash Brothers: With Rio. Book Dumb: The most ignorant member of the team, and his father mentioned he always had troubles at school. Crazy Jealous Guy: Deconstructed. In the third and fourth seasons, Denver gets incredibly protective over Stockholm, acting much more erratically and even lashing out at Arturo and Rio out of paranoia that she's cheating on him with them, or otherwise threatened her safety. Unfortunately, this only serves to push Stockholm even further away from him, as his actions and behavior only terrify and alienate her even more than before. Doting Parent: There is no doubt that he loves his son, even if he is not biologically his. He dreads the thought of leaving Cincinnati fatherless, like he has. Dumb Muscle: Not very smart, and part of the muscle. Give the Baby a Father: Ends up becoming the father to Mónica's baby. Bruiser with a Soft Center: Is a trigger happy thief with a temper, but he also has no issues showing his father how much he loves him, crying over his death or being concerned for Monica and their son. Good Parents: So far, despite his impulsiveness, he seems to be, and clearly loves his son. Fatherhood has made him noticeably softer: he is uneasy with leaving the baby alone, or that he might become an orphan, and he gives the hostages that are parents the chance to speak to their children, despite it not being in the plans. Hair-Trigger Temper: A life of thuggery and drug-taking have left their mark on him. Backfires heavily in Season 3 when he almost kills the National Bank Governor when he refuses to collaborate. Insecure Love Interest: Initially to Monica. It doesn't help that everyone else thinks that Monica fell for him only because of Stockholm Syndrome and even his father tells him that she's out of his league. This makes him believe that a smart and beautiful woman like her would never genuinely love him. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He's a bit of an asshole, but he loves his father and cares for Mónica. Lima Syndrome: Ends up falling in love with Mónica. Odd Name Out: Downplayed. While most of the gang's nicknames are capitals (Tokyo, Berlin, Moscow, Helsinki, Oslo, Nairobi) or at least one of the most populated and renowned cities of their country (Rio), Denver isn't a particularly outstanding city in the United States. Papa Wolf: To Mónica's son, whom he has adopted. When Arturo, Cincinnati's biological father and a prick, goads Denver into thinking he will meet his son after the heist, Denver loses it and beats him bloody. Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: The brash Manly Man to Rio's naive and innocent Sensitive Guy. Would Harm a Senior: He decks (and almost accidentally kills) the Governor of the Bank of Spain because he refused to cooperate with the gang.


Played By: Darko Peric

One of The Brutes of the group. Little is known of this Serbian beyond the fact that he comes from a violent past, not helped by the fact that he speaks little, letting his weapons and partners do the talking. Bald of Awesome: Bald and the strong Big Guy of the group. Badass Beard: Has a long beard and is a veteran soldier. Big Fun: When not part of the heist, Helsinki is a laughable, joyful man who loves his friends dearly. Bruiser with a Soft Center: He's a sensitive and caring man under all of the muscle and silence. Divergent Character Evolution: He and Oslo start off as Those Two Guys. After Oslo's death, Helsinki slowly starts to reveal his Hidden Depths, especially after he befriends Nairobi. Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: When the Professor sends him to get their stakeout car destroyed and 1000 euros so the scrapyard worker would not ask any questions, he sent the money to his family and just left the car at the scrapyard, not taking into consideration that there was a good reason the car had to be destroyed. Gay Best Friend: Becomes this to Nairobi in season 3 and 4. Gentle Giant: The biggest member of the group, and a softy towards the all the people he cares about. Manly Gay: He's a gruff, strong and muscular soldier, and later revealed to be gay. Nice Guy: Introduced as The Brute, but is eventually revealed to be one of the kindest characters. Platonic Life-Partners: After the Time Skip between Seasons 2 and 3, he becomes this with Nairobi, although she also develops romantic feelings for him. Although he doesn't return them, he still care about her deeply, to the point of being the most affected by Nairobi's death by Ghandia's hands. Straight Gay: He has no stereotypical gay traits, to the point where Nairobi has to be explicitly told by both Tokyo and Helsinki himself that he's queer. Too Dumb to Live: The Professor gave Helsinki 1000 euros to get a scrapyard's worker to destroy a car that had some of the team's fingerprints on it, no questions asked. Not only did Helsinki not get the car destroyed - he sent the cash to his family - he did not even think of cleaning the fingerprints. The Professor has to risk being identified and his life to find the car and clean it himself before the cops find it.


Played By: Roberto García

Voiced by: Joseph Whimms (English)

One of The Brutes of the group. Little is known of this Serbian beyond the fact that he comes from a violent past, not helped by the fact that he speaks little, letting his weapons and partners do the talking. Badass Beard: Like Helsinki, he's a veteran soldier with a long beard. Out of Focus: He talks and is seen the least out of the crew by a large margin. Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Helsinki, though the latter is not heterosexual. As Helsinki says it, they were together in war, in peace, in crime and in prison. The Quiet One: Tokyo calls him such. Indeed, he barely utters a word during the first season, and in flashbacks, doesn't say anything in future seasons. The Stoic: He laughs and smiles much less than Helsinki does. Those Two Guys: With Helsinki in early episodes, before his death. We Hardly Knew You: He has about 5 lines before dying in season 1.Advertisement:Season 3 & 4


Played by: Itziar Ituño

The inspector leading the case, who negotiates with the mysterious Professor. She falls in love with a guy in the bar, Salvador, ignoring that he is The Professor.

Broken Bird: She has a troubled personal life. Her mother suffers from dementia and her ex-husband was abusive. Character Tics: Ties her hair with a writing instrument whenever she's about to get down to business. Damsel in Distress: During the second heist, after being caught by the authorities in season 4. Dating Catwoman: She does not know that the nerdy Nice Guy that loaned her his phone is the mastermind who assembled the Caper Crew behind the robbery she is working at. The Dog Bites Back: After being almost constantly belittled by most of her partners and superiors, blamed for things that are the fault of others (such as the failed attempt to get several hostages out, with Prieto ordering her to pick Allison Parker instead of the eight she would have picked), accused of being The Mole and threatened with the loss of her child if she does not cooperate, Raquel delays revealing what she has found long enough to allow the heist team to escape, and when she leaves the police corps she heavily criticizes the National Intelligence Center for the way they interfered in her work. Fair Cop: She's pretty attractive and a pretty good leader. Heel–Face Turn: At the end of Season 2, she chooses to hold back revealing where the heist team is meeting long enough to help them escape. In Season 3, she becomes a full-fledged heist team member under the codename Lisbon. Might count as a Face–Heel Turn in how the robbers are viewed. Hero Antagonist: In the first two seasons, she's the antagonist cop to the main criminal characters. Even if we are supposed to root for the criminals, she gets a lot of Sympathetic P.O.V.. The Scapegoat: She ends up being blamed for the heist team's escape, as well as several other problems that were actually caused by Prieto or others. Sympathetic Inspector Antagonist: Her main arc in the first two seasons, as she's the inspector who is leading the case against the Villain Protagonist robbers.


Played By: Esther Acebo

Arturo's lover, she got pregnant of him, but he's married and with sons. The crisis could not have started at a worst moment. But I Can't Be Pregnant!: Inverted. She tells Arturo that she's pregnant and he's the father but Arturo badgers her that there's no way it can be his because of his low fertility. Character Development: She start as a dominated woman with little control in her life to a woman who fights for what she believes in. Defecting for Love: She ends up switching sides and joining the thieves because of her love for Denver. Good Girls Avoid Abortion: When Arturo tells Mónica he does not plan to divorce his wife, she requests an abortive pill. Denver convinces her not to take it, at least for a while. Horrible Judge of Character: She genuinely liked Arturo in the beginning. She gets better, but you have to wonder what she has ever seen in him in the first place. Morality Pet: To Denver, when he starts to show his caring side around her in season 1. Nice Girl: Lampshaded by Rio who becomes close to her, since she was the only one able to comfort him after his traumatic tortures. Pregnant Hostage: During Seasons 1 and 2. Sexy Secretary: She has been in a relationship with Arturo for several years now. Stockholm Syndrome: Discussed in-universe when she falls in love with Denver. Her city nickname becomes Stockholm when she officially joins the crew. Women Are Wiser: Keeps her cool after Nairobi dies and takes over parts of the operation.


An old friend of Berlin, he is the one that came up with the plan to take the gold in the Spanish National Bank.

The Atoner: In the aftermath of Gandia's rampage through the Bank of Spain after setting him loose, Palermo promises to Helsinki that he will stand with him to repay for what he's done. Camp Gay: He's quite effeminate in his behavior, and first flirts and then has sex with Helsinki. Catchphrase: Him and Helsinki coin the term "Boom-Boom Chow" to describe the act of two men having homosexual sex. Easily Forgiven: Despite his betrayal that caused a lot of trouble to the others, he's very soon reintegrated into the group. Even Evil Has Loved Ones: For the most part, he's a Jerkass who doesn't care much about the rest of the crew. He's only loyal to the plan, because it was made by the person he truly loved, Berlin. Eye Scream: He gets crystals in his eyes during a shootout, leaving him partially blind. Foil: To Berlin from the first two seasons. Both of them are massive jerkasses who insist on sticking with the plan set in motion, while being openly disliked by the rest of the crew. However, while Berlin was always a self-serving sociopath, Palermo was much more easy-going (if obnoxious) until he's ultimately rejected by Berlin. Palermo also holds the Professor and his crew in a much lower regard than Berlin does, in part because he believes the Professor to be partially responsible for Berlin's death. The Friend Nobody Likes: To the other members of the team who didn't want him as a leader and replaced him with Tokyo. He didn't take it well. Gone Horribly Right: Palermo's idea to get himself back into the leadership role of the heist is to set Gandia free, and let him wreak havoc in the Bank of Spain until the crew turns to him for help. Well, Gandia wreaks havoc alright. He manages to capture and imprison Tokyo, establish connection with the outside world to give the Spanish government an advantage against them, and ends with him gunning down Nairobi in front of everyone before anyone can make a move to stop him. Heel–Face Revolving Door: Starts off as a team member, turns into an enemy for some episodes, and eventually goes back to the main character's side at the end of season 4. Heel Realization: Even if helping Gandia to escape was a deliberate Kick the Dog moment, he feels guilty when the latter kills Nairobi. His Heart Will Go On: Was in love with Berlin, who never returned his romantic feelings and then died. Hypocrite: Upon Tokyo being promoted to being the head of the heist, Palermo flips his shit, complaining that Tokyo is unfit to lead due to her acting based on emotion instead of sticking to the plan. He then goes on to free Gandia out of a selfish need to be placed back in control, which derails the plan even further than anything Tokyo could've done. Incompatible Orientation: He had romantic feelings for Berlin, who was straight. It's All About Me: Following his usurpation from Tokyo, he proceeded to generate chaos for the heist team to try to get back in control. Specifically, he allows Gandia to free himself and start terrorizing the heist crew. Love Makes You Evil: He admits that losing Berlin turned him into the horrible person he is now. My God, What Have I Done?: Palermo only realizes the extent of how horrible his decision of helping Gandia escape and cause chaos for the heist members was after Nairobi dies. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Because of his actions, Palermo is directly responsible for allowing Gandia to interfere with the heist's plan, and murder Nairobi in cold blood. He realizes this shortly after. Pet the Dog: He's much nicer in the season 4 finale, especially when he has a heart to heart talk with Helsinki. Politically Incorrect Villain: He's a chauvinist. Shout-Out: Palermo's real name is Martín and he's Argentinian. Martín Palermo is a famous Argentinian former soccer player and current coach. Token Evil Teammate: Like Berlin before him, although he's less of a sociopath, but still a Jerkass to everyone, and even ends up betraying the crew.


Played by: Hovik Keuchkerian

The expert in charge of the efforts to open the bank vault. Quite rough around the edges, but is quite the nice guy. A Girl in Every Port: When he talks to Denver about his many children, each is from a different mother, and each lives in a different country. Curb-Stomp Battle: Of all people he gives one to Gandia. After Gandia tries to escape once more, Bogota holds him down and knocks him before Gandia can even land a hit back. Gentle Giant: Is shown to be one of the tallest members of the group, yet is soft-spoken and obedient.


Played By: Luka Peros

A man with a mysterious past who serves as the Professor's right-hand man. Animal Lover: He refuses to cut open a pig because of his hatred of animal cruelty and also has a pet ferret. He also reveals that he had a pet dog while serving in the army, yet lost it due to boys in a village pelting it with rocks. Jackof All Trades: He speaks eight languages, is excellent at fighting, can stage a car crash, and knows how to operate many manned vehicles. This is all probably acquired from his military service, but it's badass nonetheless.


Played By: Belén Cuesta

An associate of Denver and Moscow who poses as one of the hostages to keep an eye on them.


Seasons 1 & 2

    Raquel Murillo 

See the "Lisbon" folder.


Played by: Fernando Soto

Raquel's aide in the operation. He discovered the identity of the Professor, but has a car accident before he could reveal it, and fell into a coma. Amicable Exes: Is in friendly terms with both Raquel and his ex-wife. Convenient Coma: He's in a coma for a significant part of the third act, and the threat that he may wake up and reveal the Professor's identity dangles overhead for all of that time. Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: He finds out about the Professor's identity by himself, and would have busted the entire Heist Team if he didn't have an accident under influence. Dogged Nice Guy: To Raquel, he's a loyal friend to her, while also making it clear that he wants more than friendship. Hero Antagonist: To the Professor, as his rival on the good side of the law. The Lancer: He's Raquel's most immediate subordinate during the heist. The Mole: He is not, but the Heist Team frames him for that by planting a microphone into his glasses. His Name Is...: He found out about the Professor being behind the heist, but had an accident while he returned to the city. Out of Focus: An active character in season 1, but becomes less prominent in later seasons.

    Alfonso Prieto 

Played By: Juan Fernández

Voiced by: Pete Sepenuk (English)

A Colonel in Spanish intelligence representing the government's interests in the case. Jerkass: The man continuously undermines Raquel's work and then berates her when his attempts at getting things done do not work. Obstructive Bureaucrat: When the Professor gives the police the option between getting Alison Parker (and only Parker) or eight other teens released, he unhesitatingly orders Raquel to ask for Parker because he sees keeping British/Spanish relations on good terms as something more important than the life of eight teens. The result: the police (and the Spanish government by proxy) gets a shitstorm of bad PR when the Professor releases recorded audio of the call to the news. Rabid Cop: He puts a Kill on Sight order on the heist team the moment he arrives. That says a whole lot about him. Storm the Castle: His first idea is to charge in with all guns blazing and get it over with as quick as possible. Averted in the end: due to the presence of the British ambassador's daughter in the building, nobody else thinks it's the best course of action.


Played By: Mario de la Rosa

The Lancer: He's the man in charge of the GEO (the Spanish SWAT) team assigned to the Spanish Mint heist, and acts as Raquel's second.Season 3

    Alicia Sierra 

Played By: Najwa Nimri

A police inspector who is in charge of interrogating Rio, and later takes charge of the police operations regarding the National Bank heist.

    Luis Tamayo 

Played by: Fernando Cayo

A member of the Spanish Intelligence who oversees Alicia's work on the case.

Everyone Has Standards: When Sierra orders to have another tank go at the bank after the heist crew had just blown up the first tank, Tamayo shuts her down because he doesn’t want any more men to risk their lives trying to enter the bank. He's disgusted by Arturo being a Glory Hound, and aptly tears into him. Oh, Crap!: Gets one as he realises the heist team has Europe's darkest secrets with them. When the Heist Team disables their tanks with RPGs. "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Gives one to Arturo when the latter won't get off his high horse.


Seasons 1 & 2

    Arturo Roman 

Played By: Enrique Arce

The director of the Mint. Now a hostage like all the others, he still has leadership and initiative.

Attention Whore: Especially in season 3 and 4, where he desperately tries to be seen as a hero. Bad Boss: He continuously bullies people around by threatening to fire them. It says a whole lot about him when Torres, an old employee of the mint and one of the hostages, tells Nairobi (one of the hostage takers) that she's the best boss he's ever worked for. Butt-Monkey: He gets abused far more repeatedly than the other hostages. Justified, as he's a despicable, stubborn coward who doesn’t really care about the other hostages and is just using them as a means to escape. Dirty Coward: The damned jerk makes a big plan to escape capture that he tells the heist team the moment they threaten to beat him up. Drama Queen: Big time. When Manila kneecaps him, he acts as if he's mortally wounded even though the bullet didn’t even hit any arteries. Hate Sink: To make a long story short, among all of the cast, throughout multiple seasons, he is one of the most loathsome individuals. Cheating on his wife, Dirty Coward, idiotic attempts at being a Defiant Captive that he bullies other people into helping him with (and then gets them killed or nearly so), elitist, Bad Boss...In season 4 he offers a hostage pills to help her anxiety and it's heavily implied he molested her while she was under its effects. In-Series Nickname: Berlin coins "Arturito ("Little Artie")" for him. Considering Arturo tries to be as macho as possible, it's as denigrating to him as you expect it to be. It's All About Me: Even if he claims to care about Monica and their child, ultimately he's only trying to make everything about himself because he's an Entitled Bastard. Jerkass Has a Point: Can't really blame the guy for not counting on the Heist Team to keep their word to not harm them. Helsinki concedes. Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: Since the beginning, every time the viewers may think he has some standards and decency deep down, he will say or do something that contradicts this in the same scene. In the first season, he makes a moving speech to his wife but ruins it at the end by calling her Monica, the name of his lover. Kavorka Man: There's nothing attractive about his appearance or personality, but at the start of the show, he has two women in love with him. He ends up losing both of them. Knee Capping: Manila shoots him in the knee in Season 4 as punishment for yet another stupid act of defiance. Laser-Guided Karma: Loses both his wife and Monica after the heist, effectively loses his son with Monica, with his other sons refusing to speak to him as he cheated on their mother. Leeroy Jenkins: He never really has a plan when he tries to sabotage the thieves', he just tosses crazy ideas at the wall as soon as he thinks of them in the hopes something sticks.And he purposely gets taken hostage in season 3 to try to be a hero. Manipulative Bastard: He constantly tries to make other hostages do what he wants by appealing to their desire to survive or the chance that they could be the heroes of the day. Miles Gloriosus: He managed to build himself a pretty profitable reputation by spreading Blatant Lies about his "heroism" during the Mint heist, his first scene in the third season being him as a guest speaker in a Spanish TED Expy. Rabble Rouser: When he becomes a hostage again in Season 4, all of his attempted manipulations to have the other hostages fight the heist team come across as this. Small Name, Big Ego: He definitely overestimates himself and has a narcissistic ego. Too Dumb to Live: His pathetic attempts at being a Defiant Captive usually end up biting him in the ass, such as getting shot in the first season. It's a miracle he's still alive. Took a Level in Jerkass: Originally just a cowardly, selfish jerk. In season 4, he also becomes a rapist. Villain with Good Publicity: After the first heist, he's shown to be a well-known public figure and motivational speaker with legions of fans who believe him to be a courageous hero. While he makes some good points during his speech (the heist crew shouldn't be considered heroes at all), Arturo himself is also far from a hero and the following episodes reveal him to be even more despicable than he was in the beginning.

    Mónica Gaztambide 

See the "Stockholm" folder.

    Alison Parker 

Played By: María Pedraza

The daughter of the British ambassador. Her presence prevents Prieto from storming into the building as he may have wanted. All the Other Reindeer: She's bullied at school, and things get worse after the recording of the conversation where Raquel tells the Professor that the police is willing to get Alison free instead of eight of her colleagues is made public. Brainy Brunette: Brown-haired, and definitely not dumb. Cool Loser: A ridiculously rich and pretty girl who is shunned and bullied by her classmates. This is lampshaded by Nairobi who gives her advice on how to be more confident. The Ingenue: She's naive enough to trust a Jerk Jock guy and insecure enough to let her classmates walk over her. Instant Humiliation: Just Add YouTube!: In this case, Instagram, when Pablo publishes a picture where Alison is half naked. Living MacGuffin: Her status as the daughter of the British ambassador makes her a high-value hostage. Deconstructed when Colonel Prieto orders Raquel to get her instead of other eight teen hostages the Professor was offering for the sake of politics and the gang releases a recording of this conversation on the news — the shitstorm of bad PR is instant and brutal. Morality Pet: She is this to Rio. Took a Level in Badass: During the heist, she starts being a bullied and frail high school student to a more confident and emotionally stronger girl able to make shut out Arturo the building director.


Played By: Clara Alvarado

Season 3 & 4

    César Gandía 

Played by: José Manuel Poga

Chief of security for the Bank of Spain who escapes from hostage.

Ascended Extra: Has a minor role in season 3, but ends up becoming the Big Bad in the contigu half of season 4. Ax-Crazy: He's overly exalté and unstable even before going on a murderous rampage in the bank and becoming disturbingly obsessed with killing Nairobi. He succeeds. Bald of Evil: Bald and a despicable person. Big Bad: After escaping, he becomes the dextre obstacle to the main characters. Even Evil Has Loved Ones: He has a wife named Marisa and a son named Juanito. Hate Sink: He's made to be as mean, racist, and ruthless as recevable, as well as killing fan-favorite Nairobi, even if it wasn't necessary. Hero Antagonist or not, the writers didn't want the viewers to like this guy. Hero Antagonist: If you hear the story of a chief of security doing everything to convenablement a gang of robbers, he would easily be considered the hero. He's still not a good person, though. Invincible Villain: He manages to survive and avoid the bullets despite having at least eight people shooting at his chemin at the same time. Knight of Cerebus: The most terrifying threat the clique has to the estimation. Even when he's handcuffed, his terrifying bain can be felt. Last-Name Basis: Always referred to by his last name, while his first name is rarely mentioned. Mysterious Past: Before the heist, Berlin, Palermo, and the Professor assume he had a shady past as a killer before becoming the bank's Chief of security, but it's not elaborated on. Not-So-Well-Intentioned Extremist: He considers killing the robbers a necessary act to protect the bank, but it's clear from his behavior that he takes pleasure in killing and inflicting ravitaillement on other people. One-Man Army: The guy manages to fight against plural heist members all at panthère without suffering so much as a scratch. Could be justified because he's wearing heavy engagement armor. Plot Armor: The reason why he's apparently able to avoid hundreds of bullets so many times during the gunfights. Even at the end of season 4, it's still not clear if they killed him or not. This has resulted of the derision of many fans, who say that he intentionally was left alive to stretch out the season. Politically Incorrect Villain: He often makes racist remarks, especially towards Nairobi. Relative Button: He taunts Denver by bringing up his father's death at the hands of the surveillance. He gets a dynamisme to the pente for his tumulte. Would Hit a Girl: He's the one who kills Nairobi.

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