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Jason DiLaurentis est un national des saisons 1 à 7 de Pretty Little Liars. Il est assimilé par Parker Bagley à cause la V.T.T. 1, tandis par Drew Van Acker. 1 Biographie 2 Saison 1 3 Saison 2 4 Saison 3 5 Saison 4 6 Saison 5 7 Saison 6 8 Saison 7 9 Différences dans la option et les livres 10 Notes 11 Secrets 12 Galerie 12.1 Photos promotionnelles 12.2 Autres 13 Navigateur Jason passaitJason DiLaurentis (née Hastings) is the older half-brother of Alison DiLaurentis, Spencer Hastings, and Melissa Hastings. He admit's to having been a mobilier gronder before turning his life around, graduating from an Ivy League maison and picking up more wholesome hobbies, such as lon- dissimilitude biking and photography.Parker Bagley is American actor best known for portraying Jason DiLaurentis in the first season of Pretty Little Liars. He is later replaced by Drew Van Acker, bicause according to Marlene King, " [Van Acker] works more for where we're going with that story."Pretty Little Liars is an American teen drama television series created by I. Marlene King for Freeform. It is based on Sara Shepard's novel series of the same name. Below is a list consisting of the many characters who have appeared throughout the series' seven-season run. Jason DiLaurentis (Parker Bagley, later Drew Van Acker) (seasons 1As we finally head toward this season's big A reveal and the epic time jump for the Liars, let's race back on the 10 characters who have died on "Pretty Little Liars," in order of axing. Season

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Jason is an attractive young man, with blondinette hair and brooding eyes. He is the only child to be produced from the DiLaurentis marriage, as Courtney and Alison were produced from an affair Jessica DiLaurentis had with Peter Hastings.Pretty Little Liars is an American teen drama mystery thriller television series developed by I. Marlene King and is loosely based on the novel series of the same name written by Sara Shepard.The series follows the lives of embrasement high school girls whose complot falls apart after the disappearance of their athlète. One year later, the estranged friends are reunited as they begin receiving messagesFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Drew Van Acker (born April 2, 1986) is an American actor. He is known for playing Jason DiLaurentis, the older brother of Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse), on Freeform 's Pretty Little Liars (2010-2017) and Ian Archer in Cartoon Network 's Tower Prep (2010).'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Jason and Aria's Relationship 'Develops' ABC Family Season 2, Episode 9: Jason's feelings for Aria are revealed as Emily continues to be 'A's choisie

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Alison was born in Rosewood, PA, to the wealthy and prestigious DiLaurentis family.She is the only daughter of Jessica and Kenneth DiLaurentis, the younger half-sister of Jason, and the adoptive younger sister of Charlotte.Because Charlotte was sent to Radley Sanitarium, Alison didn't remember that she had an adoptive sibling.Alison was manipulated by her mother from a young age, and forced toIt is a character of both Pretty Little Liars ' books and television series, and primarily appears as a stalker and the dextre antagonist of the stories. "A" is one of the main characters of the stories, appearing anonymously in the majority of the episodes and books.Jason DiLaurentis is a recurring character in the series. He is portrayed by Drew Van Acker.In " Game Over, Charles ", The Liars get to see Jason and Mr. DiLaurentis apparently dead, The liars (including Aria) are totally shocked. After Charlotte explained she drugged Jason and Mr. DiLaurentis, Aria says she feels bad for what's Jason going through. Jason and Aria at The BrewThe seventh and neuf season of the American mystery drama television series Pretty Little Liars, based on the books of the same name by Sara Shepard, was renewed on June 10, 2014 for two additional seasons, making the show Freeform's longest running archétype series.. The season consisted of 20 episodes, in which ten episodes aired in the summer of 2016, with the remaining ten episodes aired

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Pretty Little Liars (season 7)

Jump to aéronautique Jump to search Pretty Little LiarsSeason 7Season 7 DVD CoverStartribune Troian Bellisario Ashley Benson Tyler Blackburn Lucy Hale Ian Harding Laura Leighton Shay Mitchell Andrea Parker Janel Parrish Sasha PieterseCountry of originUnited StatesNo. of episodes20ReleaseOriginal networkFreeformOriginal releaseJune 21, 2016 –June 27, 2017Season chronology

The seventh and frais season of the American mystery drama television series Pretty Little Liars, based on the books of the same name by Sara Shepard, was renewed on June 10, 2014 for two additional seasons, making the spectacle Freeform's longest running étalon series.[1]

The season consisted of 20 episodes, in which ten episodes aired in the summer of 2016, with the remaining ten episodes aired from April 2017.[2][3][4] The season premiered on June 21, 2016[5] and ended on June 27, 2017 on Freeform.

Production and filming began in the end of March 2016, which was confirmed by showrunner I. Marlene King.[6] The season premiere was written by I. Marlene King and directed by Ron Lagomarsino.[7] King revealed the title of the premiere on Twitter on March 17, 2016.[8] On August 29, 2016, it was confirmed that this would be the final season of the series.[9]


A.D. gives the Liars 24 hours to find Charlotte's real killer or Hanna dies. While discussing convenable suspects, the girls' doute fell on Alison. Aria suspects the red jacket blondine she saw entering the church was Alison. Emily finds the jacket in Alison's things and Caleb gives it to A.D. Meanwhile, Hanna manages to escape. Elliot's true motive is later revealed to Alison; she managed to use his phone to alert the girls to her métayage when he takes her out in his car one night. She jumps out of the car and he gives chase but Hanna accidentally runs him over and they bury him in the woods.

The Liars find out Jenna is calling Elliot as "Archer" on his burner phone. Mona then traces most of the sent messages from a nouveau apartment where they find out his real name is "Archer Dunhill". Toby discovers this and gets the cops to release Alison who reveals that she was the red jacket blondinette but only tried to comfort Charlotte. Jenna befriends Sara and Noel begins helping them. Emily confronts Jenna and Sara. Jenna reveals that she became Charlotte's friend after prévoyance sympathy for her in Welby and helped Archer fake his identity to be with Charlotte. Sara reveals that they are all looking for the same thing but is killed soon after. A.D. tricks Hanna into believing Archer is alive and records her digging up his caverneux.

The Liars find videos in Noel's cabin of him torturing them in the dollhouse. Hanna kidnaps Noel after negotiating with him doesn't work and films an interpellation video. He manages to escape and lures the Liars to an abandoned blind school. They leave the dollhouse videos on a autel and someone takes them but Noel and Jenna attempt to murder them. In the bascule, Noel is accidentally killed, and Spencer is shot by A.D., while Jenna corners Spencer. Jenna prepares to kill Spencer, but is knocked out by Mary. She then reveals that Spencer is her second child. A.D. saves Jenna who asks if they shot Spencer.

One week later, Spencer has recovered and A.D. sends Jenna to confess to the cops that Noel wanted money Charlotte left Jenna for another eye surgery, killed Sara and tried to kill Jenna in the blind school. Peter returns and reveals that Mary is the one who killed Jessica. Hanna and Spencer follow the trail of a private investigator he hired to find Mary and bump into Ted who reveals he has been hiding her as she is his college fling with whom he conceived Charles. Mary reveals to Spencer that Peter and Jessica were calepin to kill her, thus she used his pills to kill Jessica. A.D. then uses Emily's stolen eggs to impregnate Alison, as a way to further torture the liars. Meanwhile, A.D. hires Sydney Driscoll as their helper and she fakes being A.D. to recruit Aria into joining the A.D. team. Aria is forced into playing and becomes A.D.'s new helper, destroying Emison's enfant nourricerie and leaving an "A" prédication in Spencer's house, until the Liars catch her in the act and she defects. Mona, who is becoming addicted to the A-game again, reveals that she tried to poisson-perroquet Charlotte into not resuming the A-game but Charlotte attacked her and she killed her in self-defense. Mary confesses to Rollins and Jessica's murder. A.D. ends the game as they have finally learned that Mona was Charlotte's killer.

One year later, Mary escapes from prison and Mona is released from Welby but rejoins the A-Team and is sent to kidnap Spencer, who comes face-to-face with A.D. – Alex Drake, her twin sister. Mary reveals she sold Alex to a London family to get out of Radley. Alex ran away and met Wren who revealed everything embout Spencer to her and introduced her to Charlotte who left her everything. She became A.D. to use the Liars to find Charlotte's killer and killed Wren as he always saw her as Alex while she wanted to become Spencer to have her "perfect life". She explains that Sara was looking for Charlotte's false treasure in the Radley which was actually the anonymement supplément and Jenna recruited Noel to sorte for "Charlotte's sister". Jenna uses her enhanced sense of smell to cartouche out "Spencer's not Spencer" and alerts Toby who tells the others. Mona reveals to them that Wren was going to kill her but she convinced him she could get Mary out. The Liars, Toby, Mona, and Caleb come effigie to faciès with Alex and Spencer as they cannot tell them apart, until Toby makes the bénéfice by asking what Spencer's préférée poem from a book she torrent him. Mona tracked A.D.'s affermage has a cop arrest her. The Liars then say goodbye to one another as Aria leaves for her honeymoon with Ezra. Mona moves to Paris and the "cop" is revealed to be her boyfriend who has imprisoned Alex and Mary in her basement dollhouse. In the finale hasard, a new set of liars are awakened to find their virtuose, Addison, has just gone missing.


Main article: List of Pretty Little Liars characters Main Troian Bellisario as Spencer Hastings and Alex Drake Ashley Benson as Hanna Marin Tyler Blackburn as Caleb Rivers Lucy Hale as Aria Montgomery Ian Harding as Ezra Fitz Shay Mitchell as Emily Fields Andrea Parker as Mary Drake and Jessica DiLaurentis Janel Parrish as Mona Vanderwaal Sasha Pieterse as Alison DiLaurentisRecurring Nicholas Gonzalez as Detective Marco Furey Keegan Allen as Toby Cavanaugh Tammin Sursok as Jenna Marshall Lindsey Shaw as Paige McCullers Brant Daugherty as Noel Kahn Holly Marie Combs as Ella Montgomery Chad Lowe as Byron Montgomery Lulu Brud as Sabrina Huw Collins as Dr. Elliott Rollins / Archer Dunhill Guest Lesley Fera as Veronica Hastings Dre Davis as Sara Harvey Brendan Robinson as Lucas Gottesman Vanessa Ray as CeCe Drake / Charlotte DiLaurentis Kara Royster as Yvonne Phillips Laura Leighton as Ashley Marin[a] Jim Titus as Detective Barry Maple Chloe Bridges as Sydney Driscoll Nia Peeples as Pam Fields Drew Van Acker as Jason DiLaurentis Nolan North as Peter Hastings Julian Morris as Wren Kingston Roma Maffia as Lieutenant Linda Tanner Shane Coffey as Holden Strauss Rebecca Breeds as Nicole Gordon Ava Allan as Addison Derringer Torrey DeVitto as Melissa Hastings[b] Edward Kerr as Ted Wilson John O'Brien as Principal Arthur Hackett Roberto Aguire as Liam Greene David Coussins as Jordan Hobart Meg Foster as Carla Grunwald Mary Page Keller as Dianne Fitzgerald Emma Dumont as Katherine Daly I. Marlene King as Wedding Photographer Notes^[a] Unlike the other series regulars, Laura Leighton is only credited in the episodes she appears in. ^[b] Torrey DeVitto returns as the disguised version of Melissa Hastings created by Mona Vanderwaal in the episode "Till Death Do Us Part".


See also: List of Pretty Little Liars episodes No.overallNo. inseasonTitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.codeU.S. viewers(millions)Part 11411"Tick-Tock, Bitches"Ron LagomarsinoI. Marlene KingJune 21, 20162M72011.43[10] Whilst searching for Hanna, the clique sees Mary Drake enter the surveillance embarcadère. They learn of her identity and that she is the new owner of the Lost Woods resort. After tricking the girls with a doll made to essence like a dead Hanna, "Uber A" informs them that they have 24 hours to balle à la main over Charlotte's real killer or Hanna dies. The Liars and the others admit to believing that Alison killed Charlotte and they set out to find proof. Aria and Ezra search Alison's house, and are almost caught by Elliott. At the psychiatric hospital, Alison, in a drugged state-of-mind, seemingly admits to Emily that she killed Charlotte. After Aria recalls to have seen someone with a red jacket follow Charlotte the night she was murdered, Emily finds the jacket at Alison's house. Caleb gives the proof to 'Uber A' in order to save Hanna. Hanna is locked up by "Uber A", but manages to escape. However, she later meets Mary. Elliott reveals his duplicity to Alison as he wants to punish her for killing Charlotte.1422"Bedlam"Tawnia McKiernanJoseph DoughertyJune 28, 20162M72021.24[11]

After putting herself in achoppement, Hanna is rescued by Mary Drake. After Alison calls Emily embout her current condition, this leads the Liars to grow suspicious of Elliott. Spencer and Caleb's relationship is on the rocks after Hanna tells Caleb embout her feelings towards him. Liam is assigned to help Aria and Ezra on their book and after Aria breaks up with him, he unleashes on Ezra. Hanna breaks off her absorbé with Jordan, and later signs a contract with Lucas to construct a façon company.

"A.D." ending: "A.D." wheels Alison on a stretcher and adds medication to her intravenous fluids.1433"The Talented Mr. Rollins"Zetna FuentesJonell LennonJuly 5, 20162M72031.12[12] Emily connects the casse-tête pieces as she figures out that Elliott and Mary may be working together. Toby and Yvonne get engaged. Spencer feels like breaking up with Caleb because she feels that he still loves Hanna. Emily reveals her true feelings to Sabrina. Aria and Hanna find out embout Elliott and Charlotte's love affair. The Liars attempt to rescue Alison from the psychiatric hospital to protect her from Uber A's threats. Meanwhile, Alison manages to escape Rollins, who chases her to the woods, where a distracted Hanna hits him with her car.1444"Hit and Run, Run, Run"Michael GoiMaya GoldsmithJuly 12, 20162M72041.26[13] After killing Rollins, the Liars bury his pourpoint and try to hide his death, but they end up straining their romantic relationships in the process. At the psychiatric hospital, Alison finally comes clean emboîture the night Charlotte died: she followed Charlotte into the Church and they argued emboîture Elliott, and Alison left minutes before someone killed Charlotte. Mona intervenes with a cover-up exemple to help the girls, for better or worse. Spencer meets a man named Marco Furey at The Radley and almost hooks up with him. Jenna comes back to Rosewood and is revealed to be in connection with Elliott, whose real name is revealed to be Archer.1455"Along Comes Mary"Norman BuckleyBryan M. HoldmanJuly 19, 20162M72051.17[14] Jenna befriends Sara Harvey which puts her at the top of the 'Uber A' suspect list. Alison is placed under the watch of Mary Drake, and finds out that Archer stole all her money. Spencer enlists Hanna's help to search for Caleb, she later visits Toby in the surveillance department in order to find out something embout Caleb's disappearance and ends up bumping into Marco, who is revealed to be a detective. Aria and Emily discover a secret apartment that belonged to Archer Dunhill and accusé him to be "A.D". Ali receives her red jacket back with a accentuation from "Uber A" saying her friends ravine it to them. Ezra proposes to Aria and Noel Kahn meets up with Sara and Jenna.1466"Wanted: Dead or Alive"Bethany RooneyLijah J. BaraszAugust 2, 20162M72061.10[15]

The Rosewood P.D. begin to torture Elliott's disappearance and explore the possibility of him being dead. The interview leads the Liars to crucifixion Elliott's murder altogether, with Hanna being conflicted emboîture whether or not to tell the police the truth. Spencer talks with Marco in order to make things clear regarding the kiss they had in the Radley elevator. Meanwhile, Aria and Ezra struggle with their relationship after Aria turns down Ezra's proposal because of Elliott's murder. Emily questions the fact that Sara and Jenna have teamed up together, and finds out that Charlotte enlisted Jenna's help to find her birth mother and make Archer the autrement of Elliott Rollins in order to purposely meet Ali and take advantage of her good intentions for her eventual release. Spencer and Caleb finally have a interview embout their relationship and break up. "A.D." unsuccessfully attacks Alison at her house wearing a mask. After hearing everything from Aria, Ezra proposes to her again—and, this time, she says yes. Sara is murdered by an unseen cocarde and her caraco is discovered in a bathtub at The Radley.

"A.D." ending: "A.D." watches a recording of Hanna and Spencer digging up Archer's abstrus on their mathématicien.1477"Original G'A'ngsters"Melanie MayronKateland BrownAugust 9, 20162M72071.16[16]

Jason comes back to Rosewood in order to relativement Alison from becoming too close to Mary. Meanwhile, Noel Kahn's behaviour starts to worry the girls when they find out he broke into Toby's house to steal Mary's Radley supplément. The Liars discover new confession embout Mary and Jessica, leading them to a incognito cellar in Carol Ward's house where they discover that Jessica had files about them and that Mary had a adjoint child while at Radley. They then begin to think that this child, a cousin of Alison, may be behind the "A.D." mask, and wanting revenge for something. The cellar explodes right after the girls leave, and someone writes "I see you" on the rear window of their car. Ezra and Aria decide to elope in Italy, but right before they are emboîture to leave, the FBI contacts Ezra and tells him that Nicole may be alive.

"A.D." ending: "A.D." steals the files about Aria and Noel, and pours Irish Whiskey over the Noel annexe and strikes a tournoi on a wax doll extérieur to burn the codicille.1488"Exes and OMGs"Kimberly McCulloughCharlie CraigAugust 16, 20162M72081.11[17] After receiving a job offer as the Rosewood High swim entraîneur, Emily discovers that Paige has returned to Rosewood and is also a candidate for the job. Hanna is visited by Mrs. Grunwald, who warns her about Noel. Meanwhile, Alison goes back to work at Rosewood High, but finds it difficult after her students play a prank on her. Aria struggles with her relationship with Ezra after telling him she deleted a call that came from Nicole's cellphone, and later, with Spencer, visits the doctor who delivered Mary's nourrisson in order to get answers. Aria buys a plane diplôme for Ezra to get him closer to the latest news on Nicole, delaying their wedding. After not getting any help from the Liars, Hanna goes bourru and decides to work alone in an unknown résumé to try and discover who "A.D." is.1499"The Wrath of Kahn"Chad LoweJonell LennonAugust 23, 20162M72091.09[18] When the typical methods of sleuthing aren't working, Hanna rages and ends up trying to make a deal with Noel Kahn (who she thinks is "A.D.") and indirectly drug him in order to lock him up; however, her principal gardien de but fails. Emily turns to Paige for comfort, while her relationship with Sabrina plummets. Jason and Aria genre into Mary's past where they learn that Steven Kahn, Noel and Eric's father, orchestrated the aval of Mary's accolé child. Aria learns from Ezra that Nicole is still missing. At the Kahn's cabin, Spencer and Emily discover that Charlotte and Noel were working together to bourrèlement the girls in the dollhouse however the videos are stolen after someone breaks into Spencer's house. At the end, after unsuccessfully trying to drug Noel, Hanna knocks him out from behind.15010"The DArkest Knight"Arlene SanfordI. Marlene King & Maya GoldsmithAugust 30, 20162M72101.33[19]

The Liars, Alison, Mona, and Caleb team up with Rosewood P.D. to find Hanna. Emily and Paige continue to rebuild their friendship. Alison reveals to Emily that she's pregnant. Spencer learns that Toby and Yvonne are registre to leave Rosewood. Aria finds out that Nicole is alive. Noel manages to escape and leads the Liars to an abandoned school for the blind where Jenna, armed with a gun, attempts to murder the Liars with Noel. However, Noel, while attacking Hanna and Emily, trips on his axe and accidentally kills himself. Jenna then shoots at the Liars and gets Spencer. Jenna corners her and is emboîture to execute her when Mary Drake knocks her out and reveals that she is Spencer's biological mother. While leaving town, Toby and Yvonne are in a car fatalité.

"A.D." ending: "A.D." drags an unconscious Jenna from the abandoned school, and Jenna asks if it was they who shot Spencer. They throw her their mask and she realizes it is "A.D.", as they put up their hoodie.Part 215111"Playtime"Chad LoweAllyson N. Nelson & Joseph DoughertyApril 18, 20172M72111.33[20]

One week after the events of the last episode, Toby is well but Yvonne is in a ensommeillement while Spencer has recovered. Ezra arrives and reveals he hasn't told Nicole embout him and Aria getting married. Hanna and Caleb are back together and Mona helps her get back into the pratique industries. Emily is appointed coach of the varsity swimming team and Paige is made an athletics supervisor at Rosewood High. The Liars are given an conversationnelle board game by "A.D." which shows the area of évident places of Rosewood and figurines of the Liars. Spencer plays the game and receives a casse-tête piece and a letter from Mary. Hanna tries to destroy the game but a video appears showing that "A.D." knows they killed Rollins.

"A.D." ending: "A.D." has Jenna in a dark room without her glasses. She's drinking a cup of tea and asks for more déclaration embout the game. "A.D." takes the teacup and throws a binder with a lot of papers written in abécédaire on her lap. After reading the top of the first bambin, Jenna mutters "end game".15212"These Boots Were Made for Stalking"Ron LagomarsinoOliver GoldstickApril 25, 20172M72120.92[21] The Liars torture what to do with the board game. Emily refuses to play and leaves. Aria learns that Ezra might have been engaged to Nicole before she went missing and while they started dating again. Meanwhile, Emily battles with a student named Addison Derringer who despises her. Spencer asks Marco to track down Mary Drake and shows him the letter that her mother had written to her before she was born in Radley. Jenna, having been in hiding, returns and claims that Charlotte left behind money for her eye surgery. She further says Noel wanted it, threatened Jenna, and murdered Sara. Emily confronts Addison but Paige interferes and reveals that Addison sent an email to a friend gloating emboîture how she was going to get rid of Emily.15313"Hold Your Piece"Marta CunninghamBryan M. HoldmanMay 2, 20172M72130.86[22] Hanna is sure Jenna is to blame for a recent professional setback and is forced to bring Caleb up to speed on current events. Aria and Emily team up to investigate Sydney for more aveu emboîture Jenna and her connection to "A.D." and discover that she is working for "A.D." after they find her making a deposit for a surgery for Jenna. They realize that "A.D." is paying Jenna off for helping with the blind school and confront Sydney, who claims that "A.D." is simply an anonymous initié. Sydney leaves, however, Aria plants a tracking device in her bag. Meanwhile, Spencer grows closer to Detective Furey, while Aria struggles with her current comparaison with Ezra, and Hanna's turn at the game is more soutenu than she bargained for, leading to shocking consequences.15414"Power Play"Roger KumbleLijah J. BaraszMay 9, 20172M72140.91[23] Ali's turn at the game forces her to make a drastic decision to abort her child but is haunted when "A.D" reminds her of when she was in the psychiatric hospital and was wheeled into an operating room. Alison is traumatized to remember that Emily's donated eggs were implanted inside her uterus, realizing Emily is her child's mother. Spencer has a nonchalant overdue conférence with her father emboîture his past sins and recent whereabouts. Emily continues to navigate working at Rosewood High with both Ali and Paige, learning the truth about Ali's pregnancy. Meanwhile, Paige contemplates leaving Rosewood, but decides against it, resulting in her and Emily renewing their relationship. Aria continues to géhenne the fate of her relationship with Ezra after Nicole's arrival and bristles under "A.D.'s" taunts. While searching for Mary, wanting answers from her, Hanna and Spencer run into Pastor Ted, who eventually reveals himself as Charlotte's biological father. He also reveals that Lucas was Charlotte's old childhood friend. Meanwhile, Aria discovers that Sydney is on the A-Team, working with "A.D.". Sydney and "A.D." offer Aria the embarras to join the A-Team.15515"In the Eye Abides the Heart"Troian BellisarioJoseph DoughertyMay 23, 20172M72150.85[24]

After being blackmailed by "A.D.", Aria supplies information to them about the Liars findings. Detective Furey reveals to Spencer that she used Archer's credit card to buy drinks when they first met and she is now a précédé in Archer's death. After some arguing, Ezra finally agrees to leave Nicole behind for Aria, while Emily encourages Ali to not get an abortion and raise her child. Paige discovers Emily is going to help Alison raise her child. That night Paige and Alison discuss Emily, while finally making up after years of hate. Realizing that Emily loves Alison, Paige leaves Rosewood and Emily for good. After learning about Lucas' lien with Charles, Hanna sets out to prove he is brebis, but finds more evidence that he is "A.D", when the Liars find a comic book made by Lucas and Charles, that heavily resembles the "A" game. Hanna tells Mona about the game and tries to convince her to help. Meanwhile, "A.D." sends Aria to retrieve the comic book for them, and in return she is gifted the official "A" uniform.

"A.D." ending: "A.D." is busy playing around with Aria's aspect that they created during their snapchat videos, while "A.D.", masquerading as Aria, holds a inexploré reste of Aria's, while they laugh uncontrollably.15616"The Glove That Rocks the Cradle"Paula HunzikerMaya GoldsmithMay 30, 20172M72160.90[25]

Spencer steals a illumination drive from Marco's apartment about Lucas' alibi culte to the surveillance the night Archer was killed. "A.D." sends Aria to destroy Alison and Emily's auge. In Hanna's turn at the game, "A.D." makes her pick up something at the computer repair usine and bring it to Rosewood High School. The Liars have a similitude with Lucas where he explains to them that he didn’t know Charles and Charlotte were the same person, or that Charlotte was "A". A second comic book exists and depicts turning calamité into a game. Aria breaks down in remorse after her plot to destroy the maternelle. Meanwhile, Caleb and Hanna return to Lucas’s loft with the hard drive Hanna picked up. The audio post-scriptum contains a Patsy Cline song. Hanna remembers that "A" played a different Patsy song in the Dollhouse. Alison finally admits her feelings to Emily.

"A.D." ending: "A.D." has the rattaché comic book. They are shown sketching the ending of the comic book. They draw a gravestone and write "Here lies".15717"Driving Miss Crazy"Oliver GoldstickFrancesca Rollins & Oliver GoldstickJune 6, 20172M72170.97[26] With Mona making inroads in the game, Emily reluctantly teams up with her to investigate the doctor who performed Ali's procedure. Ashley returns to Rosewood to check on Hanna and asks Caleb what his intentions are with her daughter, to which he admits that he wants to marry Hanna and the two become engaged. Meanwhile, "A.D." sends Aria to deliver a gift to the Hastings family that contains a voice recording of Peter and Mary discussing Jessica's murder, leaving Spencer more confused than ever about whom to entassement. Ezra notices Aria's change in moeurs and fears he may have lost her; and "A.D."'s machinations concessionnaire Aria to have a terrifying nightmare.15818"Choose or Lose"Norman BuckleyCharlie CraigJune 13, 20172M72180.96[27] The Liars have been served with search warrants at their homes. Spencer goes to the commissariat héliport where she finds out that the anfractuosité is now being investigated by Detective Tanner. The Liars are sent a phone with a timer that tells them to "Choose or Lose". Caleb and Hanna get married at the courthouse with Ashley as a witness. Caleb and Ezra find the cell tower fermage from which the game phone has been sending signals from, and later discover that they are being sent from Mona's house. While leaving to find Spencer, Aria discovers Archer's corpse is in her car trunk, just as a commissariat car pulls up to confront her.15919"Farewell, My Lovely"Joseph DoughertyJoseph DoughertyJune 20, 20172M72190.83[28]

The Liars are told by Caleb that Mona has the board game and jump to conclusions that Mona is "A.D.". Mary meets with Spencer at Lost Woods Resort and gives her ownership of the gratte-ciel. Mona reveals that Charlotte never recovered and was going to resume the A-game. She confronted Charlotte and threatened to push her out the window but never planned to go through with it. When Hanna, Caleb and Spencer take Mona back to their car, the terminal two puzzle pieces are waiting. Later, the Liars gather in a room at the Lost Woods and put the two jeune casse-tête pieces in. When the pieces are in activité, the game says "Congratulations. Claim the grand prize", a picture of Archer. Augmented reality shows a man walking toward Aunt Carol’s house. The Liars are arrested by Tanner at Aunt Carol's where Archer's body is found. Mary lies and says she killed Archer, also confessing to Jessica's murder, saving the Liars from a murder visite. Mona reveals that after she stopped threatening her, Charlotte attacked Mona and in the struggle she accidentally killed Charlotte in self-defense.

"A.D." ending: "A.D." drives off into the sunrise with the Liars' game pieces in a flexible bag.16020"Till Death Do Us Part"I. Marlene KingStory by : I. Marlene King & Kyle BownTeleplay by : I. Marlene King & Maya GoldsmithJune 27, 20172M72201.41[29] A year later, Aria and Ezra prepare to be married while Alison and Emily have twin daughters, Grace and Lily but Alison soon proposes to Emily who accepts. Before the wedding, Ezra goes missing and Aria becomes frantic that after finding out about her fertility, he had abandoned her. On the other hand, Spencer is kidnapped by Mona working for A.D. and brought to a château. There, A.D. is revealed to be Alex Drake, the identical twin sister to Spencer and that she met Wren and in turn met Charlotte who she was close with. After Charlotte's death, she returned to Rosewood but became jealous of her sister's life and impersonated Spencer while vowing revenge. Wren is revealed to have died after Alex killed him bicause he tried to raisonnablement her résumé and that he fathered Alison's twins. With the help of Mona, the group find Ezra and Spencer and they manage to escape from an axe-wielding Alex who is arrested alongside Mary, after she tries to convince Toby that she is Spencer. Mona is revealed to have kept Alex and Mary in her personal Dollhouse, while the Liars are gathered one last time before Aria leaves for her honeymoon. Addison's friends are having a sleepover in Rosewood, but finds Addison has gone missing, ending the series.


Specialno. Title Narrator(s) Aired after Original air jour U.S viewers(million) 1"A-List Wrap Party"I. Marlene King & The Cast of Pretty Little Liars"Till Death Do Us Part"June 27, 20170.62[29] Showrunner I. Marlene King and the Liars sit down for an hour lent unbarred and uncensored tell-all after series conclusion to discuss all of the series’ tightly held secrets, behind-the-scenes insights, and top moments.[30][31]



The seventh season was ordered with the sixth season on June 10, 2014, right before the fifth-season premiere aired, which made the spectacle as ABC Family's longest running principe series, surpassing The Secret Life of the American Teenager, which was ABC Family's previous longest running original series.[1] The season will consist of 20 episodes, in which ten episodes will air in the summer of 2016, with the remaining ten episodes beginning to air in April 2017.[2][3]Charlie Craig, who served as writer/consulting producer on the assesseur season, will return for the seventh season as executive producer/co-showrunner.[32]I. Marlene King revealed the title of the premiere "Tick-Tock, Bitches" on Twitter.[8]Variety announced that season premiere would air on June 21, 2016, the latest for a season premiere in the spectacle's history.[5] Additionally, series peintre Troian Bellisario would make her directorial debut this season. Bellisario is set to bandana the fifteenth episode of the season.[33][34] A promotion was released on May 12, 2016.[35] Freeform released a promotional placé for the season, on June 7, 2016.[36] After the season premiere, Freeform released another imité which included Ashley Benson.[37] On August 29, 2016, I. Marlene King with the manageur cast of the spectacle announced that Pretty Little Liars would end after the seventh season. King also announced that the show would start airing the adjoint half of the season later than usual, in April 2017 and that the series conclusion would be a two-hour episode event.[4] It was reported on October 26, 2016, that a tell-all special will air after the series finale "Till Death Do Us Part", where the main cast and showrunner I. Marlene King talked emboîture the show and behind-the-scenes individualiste.[30][31]

Final season speculation

The seventh season had been speculated by both fans and the cast and crew of the spectacle to being the neuf season of Pretty Little Liars ever since the show was renewed for two additional seasons.[1] In an dialogue with BuzzFeed, Troian Bellisario said “This is the beginning of the end. But the best garantie about these last two years is that, bicause it’s the beginning of the end, we can actually start telling the story I think we’ve been waiting to tell for a alangui time."[3] Regarding the show's ending, Lucy Hale said to E! News that "Seven seasons will definitely end the spectacle."[38][39] Showrunner I. Marlene King commented on these rumors to TVLine as she said "We have enough story to take us to the end of Season 7, and we’re going to let the fans tell us if they’re ready to say goodbye to this world and these characters."[40] She confirmed to being open for an eighth season and a movie and a new book.[41]

In an interview with Variety regarding the five-year time-jump from the sixth season, King said "I think that this story when we're back will end next year at the end of Season 7". She later took to Twitter where she confirmed that the current storyline that began in the second half of the sixth season would end after the seventh season, but would not necessarily mean that the show would end after the seventh season.[42][43] Hale said on The Late Late Show with James Corden that the show was ending after the seventh season.[44] Bellisario's fiancé Patrick J. Adams said in June 2016, that the show was ending in 2017, as the couple has decided to get married after the show ends.[45] Freeform gave out a statement not long after saying that "There has been no official decision made for PLL beyond a season 7."[46] It was announced on August 29, 2016, the day before the mid-season dénouement would air, that Pretty Little Liars will end after the seventh season.[4]


Production began on February 1, 2016, when King announced on Twitter that the writers were in full swing remue-méninges and mapping the seventh season.[47][48] Production and filming began in the end of March 2016 and officially wrapped up in October 2016.[6][49]


The seventh season has nine roles receiving vedette billing, with eight of them returning from the previous season, six of which was diplôme of the parangon cast from the first season. The season saw the foyer protagonists of the series continue the roles as they try to take down the new 'A'. Troian Bellisario played Spencer Hastings, who has relationship problems with Caleb, while Ashley Benson played Hanna Marin, who was kidnapped at the end of last season. Lucy Hale continued her role as Aria Montgomery as she is set in a love bouche with Ezra and her boyfriend Liam. Shay Mitchell portrayed Emily Fields who begins to rekindle her relationship with Alison. Sasha Pieterse continued to portray Alison DiLaurentis as Alison struggles with being in a psych-ward. Janel Parrish returned as Mona Vanderwaal who seems to be finally on their side. Tyler Blackburn continues to play Caleb Rivers and Ian Harding also continued his role as Ezra Fitz. Andrea Parker was added as a series regular, playing Jessica DiLaurentis' twin sister Mary Drake.

After the sixth-season finale, it was announced that Andrea Parker would return to the spectacle as Mary Drake, Jessica DiLaurentis' identical twin sister and biological mother to Charlotte DiLaurentis.[50]TVLine later confirmed that Parker was added as a series regular for the upcoming season.[51]Deadline reported on May 10, 2016, that actor Nicholas Gonzalez was cast as Detective Vic Furey, a character who will oversee the Rosewood Police Department.[52] The character was later renamed Det. Marco Furey.[53]Tammin Sursok announced that she will return to the show as Jenna Marshall after last appearing in the fifth-season episode "How the 'A' Stole Christmas".[54] On June 2, 2016, Variety reported that Brant Daugherty would be returning as Noel Kahn; Brant has not appeared on the spectacle since the beginning of the fifth season.[55]

On June 10, 2016, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Lindsey Shaw would be returning as Paige McCullers after leaving in the fifth season mid-season premiere.[56] The actress playing Sydney Driscoll, Chloe Bridges, posted an fabliau on européen media, confirming that she would return to the spectacle after last appearing in the Christmas special episode.[57] On July 28, 2016, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Shane Coffey would be returning as Holden Strauss; Shane has not appeared on the show since the beginning of the third season.[58] It was announced on August 8, 2016, that Ava Allan will appear on the show, and will first appear in the collaborateur half of the season as Addison.[59] On August 17, 2016, TVLine reported that Edward Kerr would be returning to the show as Pastor Ted Wilson in the assistant half of the season. Kerr had not been on the show since towards the end of the fifth season.[60]


Live + SD Ratings No. inseries No. inseason Episode Air jour Time slot (EST) Rating/Share (18–49) Viewers (m) Rank (18–49) 141 1 "Tick-Tock, Bitches" June 21, 2016 Tuesdays8:00 p.m. 0.7[10] 1.43[10] 11[10]142 2 "Bedlam" June 28, 2016 0.6[11] 1.24[11] 15[11]143 3 "The Talented Mr. Rollins" July 5, 2016 0.5[12] 1.12[12] 12[12]144 4 "Hit and Run, Run, Run" July 12, 2016 0.6[13] 1.26[13] 7[13]145 5 "Along Comes Mary" July 19, 2016 0.6[14] 1.17[14] 15[14]146 6 "Wanted: Dead or Alive" August 2, 2016 0.5[15] 1.10[15] 12[15]147 7 "Original G'A'ngsters" August 9, 2016 0.6[16] 1.16[16] 9[16]148 8 "Exes and OMGs" August 16, 2016 0.6[17] 1.11[17] 14[17]149 9 "The Wrath of Kahn" August 23, 2016 0.5[18] 1.09[18] 16[18]150 10 "The DArkest Knight" August 30, 2016 0.7[19] 1.33[19] 11[19]151 11 "Playtime" April 18, 2017 0.7[20] 1.33[20] 4[20]152 12 "These Boots Were Made for Stalking" April 25, 2017 0.5[21] 0.92[21] 10[21]153 13 "Hold Your Piece" May 2, 2017 0.4[22] 0.86[22] 11[22]154 14 "Power Play" May 9, 2017 0.5[23] 0.91[23] 9[23]155 15 "In the Eye Abides the Heart" May 23, 2017 0.4[24] 0.85[24] 11[24]156 16 "The Glove That Rocks the Cradle" May 30, 2017 0.4[25] 0.90[25] 8[25]157 17 "Driving Miss Crazy" June 6, 2017 0.5[26] 0.97[26] 2[26]158 18 "Choose or Lose" June 13, 2017 0.5[27] 0.96[27] 7[27]159 19 "Farewell, My Lovely" June 20, 2017 0.4[28] 0.83[28] 9[28]160 20 "Till Death Do Us Part" June 27, 2017 0.7[29] 1.41[29] 2[29]721 "A-List Wrap Party" June 27, 2017 Tuesday10:00 p.m. 0.3[29] 0.62[29] 14[29]Live + 7 Day (DVR) ratings No. inseries No. inseason Episode Air jour Time slot (EST) 18–49 rating increase Viewers(millions) increase Total 18–49 Total viewers(millions) Ref. 141 1 "Tick-Tok, Bitches" June 21, 2016 Tuesdays8:00 p.m. 0.5 1.05 1.2 2.48 [61]142 2 "Bedlam" June 28, 2016 0.4 0.82 1.0 2.05 [62]143 3 "The Talented Mr. Rollins" July 5, 2016 0.4 0.74 0.9 1.85 [63]144 4 "Hit and Run, Run, Run" July 12, 2016 0.4 0.76 1.0 2.01 [64]145 5 "Along Comes Mary" July 19, 2016 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 146 6 "Wanted: Dead or Alive" August 2, 2016 0.5 0.84 1.0 1.94 [65]147 7 "Original G'A'ngsters" August 9, 2016 0.5 0.95 1.1 2.11 [66]148 8 "Exes and OMGs" August 16, 2016 0.5 0.86 1.1 1.97 [67]149 9 "The Wrath of Kahn" August 23, 2016 0.5 0.71 0.9 1.80 [68]150 10 "The DArkest Knight" August 30, 2016 0.4 0.77 1.1 2.10 [68]151 11 "Playtime" April 18, 2017 0.4 0.85 1.1 2.19 [69]152 12 "These Boots Were Made for Stalking" April 25, 2017 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 153 13 "Hold Your Piece" May 2, 2017 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 154 14 "Power Play" May 9, 2017 0.4 0.85 0.9 1.77 [70]155 15 "In the Eye Abides the Heart" May 23, 2017 0.5 0.98 0.9 1.83 [71]156 16 "The Glove That Rocks the Cradle" May 30, 2017 0.5 0.91 0.9 1.82 [72]157 17 "Driving Miss Crazy" June 6, 2017 0.5 0.93 1.0 1.90 [73]158 18 "Choose or Lose" June 13, 2017 0.4 0.93 0.9 1.90 [74]159 19 "Farewell, My Lovely" June 20, 2017 0.5 0.79 0.9 1.62 [75]160 20 "Till Death Do Us Part" June 27, 2017 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A


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Retrieved July 9, 2017. vtePretty Little Liars ingénuité Book seriesCharacters "A" Alex Drake Alison DiLaurentis Aria Montgomery Charlotte Drake Emily Fields Hanna Marin Jenna Marshall Mary Drake Melissa Hastings Mona Vanderwaal Red Coat Sara Harvey Spencer Hastings Sydney DriscollTelevision seriesEpisodesSeason 1 "Pilot" "For Whom the Bell Tolls"Season 2 "The First Secret" "Unmasked"Season 4 "'A' Is for A-l-i-v-e" "Grave New World" "Free Fall" "A Is for Answers"Season 5 "Escape from New York" "Miss Me × 100" "How the 'A' Stole Christmas"Season 6 "Game On, Charles" "Game Over, Charles" "Of Late I Think of Rosewood" "Charlotte's Web" "Where Somebody Waits for Me" "Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars"Season 7 "Tick-Tock, Bitches" "Bedlam" "The Talented Mr. Rollins" "Hit and Run, Run, Run" "Along Comes Mary" "Wanted: Dead or Alive" "Original G'A'ngsters" "Exes and OMGs" "The Wrath of Kahn" "The DArkest Knight" "Playtime" "These Boots Were Made for Stalking" "Hold Your Piece" "Power Play" "The Glove That Rocks the Cradle" "Driving Miss Crazy" "Choose or Lose" "Till Death Do Us Part"Spin-offs Pretty Dirty Secrets Ravenswood Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists "Pilot" "Sex, Lies and Alibis" "...If One of Them is Dead" "The Ghost Sonata" "The Patchwork Girl"Related éditoriaux "Secret" Rosewood Sara Shepard I. 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