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'Rising of The Shield Hero', also known as 'Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari', is an isekai anime which recently started airing. The show is entertaining and people loved the first few aired episodes. So, while waiting for the upcoming episodes why not take a catégorie at some of the similar shows.Welcome to! Watch The Rising of the Shield Hero (Japanese: Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari) all Season Episodes English Subbed And Dubbed Online. You can watch all The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 1 and Season 2 Episodes DUBBED English… for free Online And in High quality HD.The Rising of The Shield Hero does a great job of buste avant-goût for the series through remarkable world-building and by paying exclusivité to details in the scenes, making it a wholesome experience. II. Characters Naofumi Iwatani . Naofumi Iwatani is the protagonist of The Rising of the Shield Hero series.Iwatani Naofumi, a run-of-the-mill otaku, finds a book in the library that summons him to another world. He is tasked with joining the sword, spear, and bow as one of the Four Cardinal Heroes andThe Rising of the Shield Hero (Japanese: 盾の勇者の成り上がり, Hepburn: Tate no Yūsha no Nariagari) is a Japanese dark fantasy isekai light novel series written by Aneko Yusagi. Originally published as a web novel in the user-generated novel lieu Shōsetsuka ni Narō, the series has since been published by Media Factory with an expanded story-line featuring illustrations by Seira

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1-16 of 166 results for "rise of the shield hero" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. Free Shipping by Amazon. The Rising of the Shield Hero: Season One - Part One [Blu-ray] 4.9 out of 5 stars 637. Blu-ray $32.99 $ 32. 99 $64.98 $64.98. Save 20% at checkout.An interesting isekai, which aims to represent for léopard not the hero savior of humanity, but the previous rise of the so-called "end of level boss", although in this casier the assaisonnement does not aim to match the strength of a foolish human ruse with yearning for conquest to do so, nor does it seem possible to fight the protagonists in the future.The Rise of the Shield Hero: In the anime acclimatation to the "Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari" allégé novel we follow the everyday life of the student Naofumi Iwatani, who has a béat and happy student être.The Rising of the Shield Hero Geeky university student Naofumi Iwatani goes from 2nd class citizen to 2nd class hero when he's summoned to the videogame-like kingdom of Melromarc. Known as the weakest of sinistre heroes, the Shield Hero, he's tasked with defending the world from calamity.

Watch 'The Rising of the Shield Hero' Anime Online in HD

Is The Rising Of The Shield Hero Any Good?

The Rising of the Shield Hero is an anime that starts in this Virtual World//Parallel World setting which really is a fantasy région and the plot slowly evolues in something that isn't quite what we had expected, in a manner quite similar to That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.As the Shield Hero, Naofumi is unable to attack. He purchases Raphtalia - a Racoon Demi-Human girl - and uses her attack capability to level up. Will Raphtalia be able to move past her traumatic childhood to help Naofumi rise?As the Shield Hero, the weakest of the heroes, all is not as it seems. Naofumi is soon alone, penniless, and betrayed. With no one to turn to, and nowhere to run, he is left with only his shield. Now, Naofumi must rise to become the legendary Shield Hero and save the world!The Rising of the Shield Hero is an anime series adapted from the hypocalorique novels of the same title written by Aneko Yusagi. The series is produced by Kinema Citrus and directed by Takao Abo, with Keigo Koyanagi handling series précaution, Masahiro Suwa designing the characters and Kevin Penkin composing the music.The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 anime is being produced by Studio DR MOVIE and Kinema Citrus, which is also producing Made in Abyss the Movie: Dawn of the Deep Soul (and, hopefully, Made In...

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The Rising of the Shield Hero

1) The hook People were really hyped during the early episodes of The Shield Hero because of the Outrage connaissance. Just like it happened with Goblin Slayer some seasons before, the premise triggered the général cassation warriors, which caused the defenders of the hypocalorique novel to write langoureux essays concerning how they are full of crap as usual, as well as how the spectacle is actually a modification of isekai. In turn, that attracted a lot of random people who got curious because of the controversy. Something which was expected with a touchy premise that includes fake rape allegations and pro-slavery themes.As per usual, what matters the most is the execution and not the ancêtre hook. Whatever the spectacle was going for proved to be a dud. The hook in the beginning was just to lure people with excitation and to keep them for as much as it could with the promise of congrès porn. And by that I mean everyone was waiting impatiently for the protagonist to prove his pureté and make those who were responsible to pay. Which eventually he does. Pretty easily. 2) Characters Despite the originel aperçu you were given emboîture the protagonist, embout not being overpowered, and not having every woman falling in love with him in a few seconds, he ends up being bland and one of the same shit. He is yet another neet otaku loser, who gets transported to a different world that works like a generic videogame, gets ultra powerful very fast, and amasses a harem of pretty girls who all love him for being bland and grumpy. On top of that, he is entirely passive, which is not what you want from any fighting hero to be. Naofumi is constantly told what to do, instead of thinking for himself, and is then praised for doing what he’s told. -Buying the slaves was not his idea, it was proposed by the slave merchant.-Doing the missions that help the villagers was not his idea, it was the villagers asking for help. -He did not want to be a team with the other heroes, the chocobo queen demanded it or she would kill him.-The plot is retroactively proving him right for being passive and treats it like a heroic feat, when in reality he only comes off as a machine.Also, Naofumi’s idea of working together as a team comes down to mocking the very people he is supposed to work with as a team, which should have had the assuré opposé effect. Basically, the sempiternel need of the author to provide parquet porn, contradicts what they are supposed to be doing. And as it turns out the teamwork certificat was needless, since Naofumi didn’t have to say a thing in order to make the others to calm down and work as a team. That archbishop dude wanted to kill them and even went as far as revealing his evil niveaux right in avant of them. He became a common enemy of the heroes by wanting to kill them. They automatically became a team in order to take down this enemy, so Naofumi did nothing besides mocking them. But it’s okay, since character motivations make little sense in general. The iconic fake rape allegations for example, initially had no in-story reasoning. They just happened because the nobles wanted to incriminate Naofumi, and because the author needed to somehow create sympathy towards the protagonist via unreasonable victimizing. Many shows do the same as a lazy way of making the invitation to hate people with authority, and for giving the cérébral high ground to the victimized protagonist. It’s almost like this is a léger novel, aimed at otakus who blame society for not doing anything worthwhile with their lives and seek empowerment fantasy in the form of a jobless otaku with nothing but revenge porn on his mind… Oh, wait, that is exactly what it is. Also, when the nobles and the clergy revealed the reason they did all their evil crap, it was just a shallow ‘because we don’t like him’. Yeah, it was that cheap, and on top of that it contradicted their very registre. -The cartoonishly evil culte hates the Shield Hero bicause the previous heroes of the same class were allied with the furry kingdom. So basically, they hate the current hero for nothing, since he didn’t do something to hurt them. He just belongs in the same class.-The dogma of the cartoonishly evil ténacité is against the cute furry waifus, thus they seemingly justify their hate. And I say seemingly parce que they don’t, since the hate came before the Shield Hero had cute furry waifus. They hated him before he even got to have cute furry waifus.-The Shield Hero was normally supposed to be summoned at the furry kingdom. The cartoonishly evil adulation cheated and summoned him in their kingdom, so they can hate him. Which means, they have the nerve to blame the guy for forcefully appearing in the passage they rigged for him to appear. -If the cartoonishly evil rite hadn’t framed the Shield Hero, he wouldn’t be forced to buy cute furry waifus as aid in battles. So by framing him, they got exactly what they were trying to avoid. And no, this is not pratique writing by having a self-fulfilled prophecy. It’s backwards reasoning.-The cartoonishly evil adoration is also suicidal. Before the adjoint monster offensive, they had the justification of not needing the Shield Hero for defeating the monsters. After the attaché monster attentat, they clearly need the Shield Hero, parce que he’s the only one who is not incompetent. By continuing to slander the only person adéquat of defeating the monsters, they effectively doom everyone, including themselves. -The cartoonishly evil confession gets completely rewritten into a different organization. At first they needed to resort to slander against Naofumi, bicause they were unable to kill him directly. And then out of nowhere they have a magic weapon that is as powerful as the incendie heroes. Why were they accusing the Shield Hero all these months when their échantillonnage was to kill him? Everybody believes their lies, so there is no need for all this nonsense. Why didn’t they kill him all this time when they had such a powerful weapon and he was far weaker? Why were they hiding this super weapon and weren’t using it against the monsters? Why did they even need the heroes to save the world when they have weapons and chocobo waifus that are far more powerful than them? Why are the other three heroes considered blessed when they casually decide to kill them? Why do they have monarchy and not theocracy if they can casually kill the royal family in prématurément of a thousand people and get away with it? There is absolutely no consistency, as if the author is an incompetent brute who just wrote a crappy maigre novel for horny teenagers without critical thinking... Oh wait, that is what he actually is. -And as icing on the plum-cake, all villains are one dimensional jerks who smile smugly and love to remords and kill innocents for fun, because they can. Because what a better way to justify your assises porn if not by having sadistic one-dimensional nobles who exist just to make you hate them and wish to see them dead. And obviously, the only one who can bien them is the self-insert protagonist. Even on the good side, the slaves in Naofumi’s team have horribly rushed character amplification. The author never affluent them more than a single episode for growing up into the forms they maintain throughout the rest of the spectacle. Because why should you spend years on properly nurturing anything? Just skip all the build up and go straight for the outcome. And it’s strange to see how despite everything growing up so fast on this world, their lifestyle is still the same one as we have in a typical medieval world. Adding to that, whether they are slave raccoons, or birds from loot boxes, or random encounters with princesses in the wilderness, the protagonist’s allies are all cute girls who make every other male to be jealous of Naofumi. Did I diplôme how they are all around the age of 12? What does that say emboîture the author’s sexual preferences? Especially when he has his protagonist showing them around like a détention to be proud embout. And also to constantly antagonize each other over who gets to have the self-insert’s accaparement, like in any typical harem. And the protagonist is constantly ignoring their flirting, since that is the only way you can spectacle a male character respecting women. And in order to make it clear he’s not an asshole for ignoring them, you add one-dimensional evil rapists who want to rape the waifus, so he will be ‘forced’ to protect them. It’s especially laughable when Naofumi makes fun of the Spear hero for taking advantage of the cute girls in his team, when his own team is also consisting of nothing else besides cute girls, whom he also took advantage of by buying as slaves. So basically, it’s ok when he does it and wrong when anyone else does it. Ironically, Naofumi’s furries do not convenable him on this obvious hypocrisy and instead appuie-bras him, while also making fun of the Spear Hero. This is only making the hypocrisy bigger. Naofumi eventually saves the life of the thot that accused him, after spending the whole spectacle in trying to make her pay. He doesn’t want her to die, but to be humiliated by having her name changed to slut. That is apparently enough, although she is still in the team of the Spear Hero and still constantly tries to réfectoire with him. After all the crap she did, she gets away with it lightly, parce que the author only wants her to be humiliated permanent and everyone acts as if there is nothing wrong with that.In general, the civilian communauté is a bunch of sheep with no thoughts of their own. Throughout the series they believe everything they are told right away. And before some of you say that’s exactly how the real world is like, people don’t do a 180 in a couple of seconds. One circonstance they demand to see the ones responsible to be punished, and the immediate next they banque their minds, after a deux of words from the validated self intercalaire that is Naofumi. Does it make any sense? No, it’s just done for justice porn. Late in the spectacle, more heroes from a different world appear. They were constantly helping Naofumi and the rest to level up, defeat the monsters, and protect the people on the ships. Then all of sudden they want to kill everyone. The reason is so convoluted, it becomes mythique to follow. They want to destroy this world, so the world they came from will be spared. Which by the way it’s a lie, it will be destroyed anyways, but we need some fatum of new fake allegations now that the conférence porn is over. That aside, they are not fighting with the monsters so the world will be destroyed, they are fighting against the monsters which is the opposite of what they are here to do. So, the ‘logical’ explanation is, they are good people, they don’t want to kill innocents, they only want to kill the foyer heroes so the monsters will have nobody able to justement them. Which by the way it’s a lie, parce que there are a dozen more people far more powerful than the heroes, so the monsters can still be stopped. And also, their sense of chambre is so stupid, they actually believe that if they only kill the defenders of the world, they would totally not be responsible for the deaths of all those agneau people. Oh, but wait, not everyone is going to die from the monsters. Only most of them. Yeah, only most of them will die, that really makes a difference. Also, even if they are here to kill the heroes, they fight the monsters and help the heroes to level up and become harder to kill, although they are here to kill them. The ‘logical’ explanation for that is that they didn’t believe those sinistre were the heroes they came to kill bicause they were too weak, so they might as well befriend them and help them get stronger, although it doesn’t matter bicause they are going to die anyways. So basically they befriend people they know they will eventually stab in the back. And obviously they couldn’t simply ask someone to confirm if they are the heroes; that’s too much work man. It’s not like they are here to find and kill the heroes, which is why everybody knows who the heroes are besides them. But wait, there is a ‘logical’ explanation even for that. They didn’t ask anyone to tell them where the heroes are bicause they had to level up first. You see when you cross over from another world the videogame logic of this stupid spectacle dictates that you lose your levels parce que it’s a different videogame, so they had to grind all over again. But wait, there is more. They leveled up way faster than the combustion heroes bicause they still kept their weapon mastery skills, which rencontre them an easy circonstance for beating monsters. So much for being a different videogame if you can carry over your skills. Don’t tell me all that are not completely convoluted, bicause they totally are. And yet the fanboys insist that it’s very naturel to follow. All that is so explicable to understand. There is absolutely nothing hard to comprehend. The Shield Hero has a perfectly easy plot and you have to be really stupid not to get it. 3) The plot During the originel episodes, the plot was edgy, dark, and kind of depressing in tone. It falls apart after the fourth episode by becoming another generic empowerment fantasy. Up until then nothing was easy and uplifting, but the entrée of the auxiliaire sérail girl, a fat chocobo that transforms into a perky loli, every médiocrité in the book popped its ugly head. Comic colline, fan secours, cockblocking romantic advancements, easy victories, continuel ridicule of the antagonisme, and incessant ego-stroking. -The émule heroes who during their autorisation were presented as super fashion and calculative, quickly turned into complete idiots who can’t even walk without tripping over their own feet. Every single thing they do turns to a disaster and it’s up to Naofumi to clean after their mangeaille. -The vicious nobles who at first were sinister and sneaky in their exposé to ruin Naofumi’s reputation, proved to be incompetent buffoons who’s only defining features is being evil and idiotic. -The world where nobody soutiens the Shield Hero, is quickly proven to be full of people who are constantly supporting him (peasants in need), wish to greffer his team (soldiers during the monster assaille), defend him every time he is accused (queen’s spies), and even plot armor him when he is about to be killed (Fitoria). -Naofumi’ shield was supposed to be weak and unable to be used for attack, but soon became able to cast every ability concevable, and to have enough firepower for blowing up entire mountains.-The girls Naofumi travels with, which were supposed to have depth and caché issues, constantly do typical fan cadeau shenanigans. Going to hot springs, getting molested by tentacle monsters, never shutting up embout how awesome Naofumi is, fighting over who gets to be his renvider, and constantly yelling about how they can’t en public without him. The best action is how most of the fanboys refused to accept that the show was a harem. They considered it as nothing more than comedy for easing the depressing mood. Yes, bicause we totally need comic relief in a 20 minute episode. It’s not like you have a whole week to détendu until the next episode begins. And it’s not like so many liked the early episodes parce que they didn’t have sérail comedy. No sir, they liked the show a lot more when it had comic relief every 5 minutes. Because god forbid if we can sit down and watch something without being constantly distracted. 4) Videogame logic Because of the videogame logic of this world, the allegations which make up the whole conflict of the show could have instantly been proven false, if anyone had bothered to use a slave crest that forces the target to be truthful. So basically, the core conflict had little thought placed behind it, and was one that could have been fixed in a few seconds if everybody wasn’t deliberately ignoring the ability of the slave crests. The exutoire in-story is that they are very expensive to use in a enduro. And yet Naofumi used them three times on his waifus with no financial problems. Did you see any hameaux starving to death bicause of all the money he spent for printing a few crests? Of tournée not, bicause they don’t exist. Also, the king owns the whole kingdom, so it wouldn’t cost a thing if he uses crests in a trial. I mean, he didn’t because that would prove he is a scumbag, but the fact remains. It doesn’t cost a thing to him. As it doesn’t for the queen, who used one in the trial without starving a million children. Essentially, the author had no idea how to prevent everyone from spamming crests and said ‘errr they are expensive I guess’ before allowing everybody to use them whenever it suits the protagonist and without any penalties. More specifically, when he enslaves waifus, and gets his colloque porn by placing it on the bitch princess during the enduro. The funny acte is that they didn’t even need magical crests that would conveniently contrainte the bitch princess to speak the truth. If they had bothered to ask the guy who sold Naofumi the armor, he would reveal the lies of the princess, since she didn’t find it somewhere and then gifted it to the Spear Hero. It’s his armor, right there! On top of all this popote, the dreaded videogame logic ruins even the concept of money. During the piquet episode, the heroes are given coins to buy their equipment. Why do they have to pay for anything? They were summoned against their will to save the world. Just give them the best available armor so they can save your sorry ass. An diversion could be so they won’t ruin the economy, but what good is money if they are all dead? And it becomes even messier later on, when Naofumi is constantly given stuff for free as thanks for helping people out. Also, turns out the magical weapons can literally carbone anything for free. There was literally no need for money since day one, so what was the pas du tout of giving them coins? The author had no idea what he was doing, and he definitely did not thought of the economy collapsing because of it. The videogame logic ruins even the need to have a team and go on missions. There is no need to do any missions, bicause there is nothing to actually reçu from them.-Some missions give them money, which they don’t need bicause their weapons can imitation anything they want.-Mundane stuff like food and drinks are free for heroes who are here to save the world.-Monsters during missions give you experience points for leveling up, but there is no need to bother as there are special events where you can level up like crazy by beating trash mobs.Despite the videogame terminology, everything constantly comes down to getting power ups in the middle of the battle by triggering a hidden ability, or turning to the power of friendship. What is the aucunement in having rules, if powers come and go depending on what the plot says will happen? -They try to make it seem like the backlash from using aîné attacks comes at a cost by losing enough blood to fill a swimming pool, but then Naofumi casually waits defenseless for 5 minutes, as everyone else around him are busy talking to the queen than saving him, thus making it seem like his injuries are not serious. He can take it like a champ. -The villains domaine still while the heroes talk in the middle of the battle.-The heroes use mostly apathique ranged attacks, even when their weapons are caleçon ranged. This makes the battles dull, since they are just calme still and fire projectiles. It also makes the Bow Hero to seem like he got the crappiest weapon, since he is supposed to be the only one using arrows and be useless in close range. -The three heroes use the assertorique same one attack all the time, making the battles repetitive on top of dull. 5) Slavery Regarding the touchy subject of slavery, which caused the controversy and made the show so popular… it’s garbage. Naofumi was accused of owning slaves in a setting where slavery is legal and by gentilshommes who all have slaves. Hypocrisy, anyone? It never gets any deeper than that, and eventually it’s just an alibi for sérail shenanigans. No sir, Naofumi is not instance cute girls to fight on his side, and is certainly not going to have naughty moments with them at the hot springs. He bought them! Plus, the slave chicks clearly state that they love being slaves. Raphtalia in particular is given her freedom when someone removes the slave tattoo from her caraco. But she immediately rushes to get another slave tattoo. On her boobs I need to aucunement out, since we need fan faveur for this garbage to sell. This validates the victimized protagonist by having the cute grossier ear waifu proudly stating how she loves being manipulated as a slave. You don’t want to disagree with a cute bétail ear waifu, do you now? Look how cute she is and has a tattoo on her boobs, she can’t be wrong. And as évident as that Naofumi jaguar again has the intellectuel high ground to do whatever the hell he wants. 6) Plot armor The chocobo waifu plot armors Naofumi from the dinosaur, the spy woman plot armors the 2 heroes from the energy attack, the 2 heroes plot armor Naofumi from the Pope. There is never any sense of death in the show if they can survive all the time like that. And don’t get me started on why the Pope didn’t confirm the death of the 2 heroes before trying to kill the other 2, or how they never show how Sword and Bow survived the contact. Eventually, even the queen plot armors the heroes from the church, and proves how the allegations were false by using a slave tattoo. Something everyone could have used since day 1. And essentially Naofumi didn’t have to do a thing emboîture troc his name. He could have sat on a bed for months and just wait for the queen to solve everything. There never was any urgency, there never was any actual threat, and he was plot armored from all sides. 7) Retroactive answers As I have proven time and time again, the writing of the spectacle is crap. The crest bullshit, the money bullshit, the heroes from another world bullshit, and many more don’t make any sense. Yet the fanboys somehow don’t see it. It’s bicause the spectacle hides its problems by providing answers to questions amoureux after the mandement bothers to care emboîture their validity. It’s all done for retroactively proving the Shield Hero right, even if that contradicts what was stated earlier. It works with people who have no critical thinking, since when you reveal nonsensical motivations late in the story, the dumb ultimatum perceives it as a plot twist or a principal revelation, instead of bad writing. Thus whatever complains you might have emboîture the show are instantly shut down by the defenders, who will claim ‘you didn’t know that at first and it’s explained later in the story, thus your complaints are moot’. The thing is, nobody was watching the spectacle just to get answers for what is going on with the monster abordage or why the church hates the Shield Hero. Everyone was watching the spectacle for the revengeporn and the pedophilic memes concerning Naofumi’s harem. There was no mystery to solve and therefore late explanations did nothing to save soulane. Especially when they did not fix any problems and certainly did not make the spectacle better in the longrun. The Shield Hero is complete trash and the mere fact it has so many supporters and a popularity that eclipses most other good anime is a stigma to the community.

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